3 Years, 300 Blog Posts, 212,985 Visitors and Counting


On May 12, 2014 I wrote my 300th article for my current law firm blog/website at the Skiba Law Group.  I started my own firm in 2011 (for the second time) and launched the blog/website on May 10, 2011.  With 300 articles on this blog I thought it would be a good time to review where I have been and evaluate whether blogging has really been an effective way to market my solo law practice.

Here are the stats over the last three years:

Unique Visitors:  212,985

Pageviews: 683,677

Average Time on Site:  1:11

Bounce Rate:  8.84%

On average over the last three years I am writing about 2 new articles per week on my blog  and that has generated about 6,000 new visitors per month to my website.  With the exception of the first two months of my site in 2011 when I ran a pay per click campaign to jump start the site, I haven’t used any paid SEO services to drive traffic to my site.

But the real question is does this translate into actual paying clients?  The answer is yes.  My six kids aren’t starving yet. Revenues have increased each year and my practice continues to grow.

What I have been particularly pleased with is that the site has continued to drive new traffic.  For the most part my practice consists of bankruptcy and consumer debt type cases – cases that are pretty much one shot type clients.  This means that I must bring in new clients each and every week if I am going to survive.

So far so good.  I am still here and the practice is thriving.

The Sky’s the Limit

As I have monitored the analytics on my site I notice that there is a direct correlation between the number of visitors I have to my site and how frequent I post new content to my site.  The numbers are encouraging to me and motivating in that I know if I can be more disciplined and put out more content I will get more visitors and thus more clients.

If the numbers scaled perfectly (and I know they don’t), but if they did, then by increasing my writing from two new articles per week to three articles per week my overall website traffic would increase 3,000 visitors per month (at least in theory)!

I think these numbers are solid evidence that consistent blogging can have great results for your law firm.  Thoughts?  Are you seeing success in your content marketing efforts?

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