Answers to frequently asked questions when renting an apartment

The demand for apartment rentals in big cities is very high today. However, for those who rent a house for the first time, there will certainly be doubts and questions.

Frequently asked questions about renting an apartment

Thac mac khi thue nha chung cu hinh 1
Problems when renting an apartment

How to find the right apartment to rent?

Currently, the fastest way to find suitable accommodation is to search for information on the internet. Choose reputable real estate websites that you can find a lot of information about apartment rentals you need. The next thing you need to contact is to see if the person who posted it is the owner or the broker.

  • If the person you contact is the owner, you need to ask for basic information to confirm such as address, rent, service fees, if any, etc.
  • If the person you contact is a broker: Ask if there is an intermediary fee when showing the house, if it costs, only accept to pay if you can rent the house. Avoid the case that the broker after receiving the money does not find a house for you or does not want to return it.

What to consider when visiting a home?

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Check the whole apartment carefully before moving in
  • Location of the apartment: Including the direction of the house, the number of floors, the number of windows, see where your apartment is located, whether it receives a lot of light, is the living space spacious and airy.
  • Check the apartment’s water and electricity system carefully because the repair work in apartments is very limited, unlike land houses.
  • Living facilities: How far is your apartment from work or study? Are there many living facilities around the apartment? Are you stuck in traffic during rush hour?,..
  • If possible, “pay attention” to the neighbors around the apartment you are planning to rent.

Should you rent long term or short term?

This depends on the needs and financial capabilities of each person. Usually, if the long-term lease is at least 1 year or more, the calculated rental price will be a bit lighter than the short-term rental. If you decide you want to live and work for a long time, you can rent long-term to save more, please contact the broker and clarify your requirements. They will find you long-term rental apartment owners. Contracts are usually for one year and early termination will result in a fine.

Note, if you have a long-term rental, you should rent an apartment with full furniture, to avoid the case that you have to shop, retrofit and then return the house after the lease term expires.

Who will be responsible for the repair when the furniture in the apartment breaks down?

  • If it is damaged during your stay, the repairer will be the tenant. However, this also needs to be flexible, if the furniture is too old before and broken after you move in for 1 or 2 months, you need to agree with the owner and ask the mechanic to see what the error is.
  • If the equipment is damaged due to the quality of the investor’s work or objective reasons, not due to the user’s fault, the owner will fix it.

What to note with the apartment rental contract?

Hop dong giup dam bao quyen loi cho nguoi thue nha
The contract helps to ensure the interests of the tenant
  • Read the contract carefully before signing, if there are any problems, you must agree and renegotiate with the landlord right away.
  • The contract needs to be clear in terms of money such as rent, service fees, deposit, contract payment, etc.
  • The apartment rental contract must be signed by both parties, should be notarized and each party keeps a copy

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