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The situation of leasing space to open a clothing shop in Ho Chi Minh City

The trend of renting space to open a clothing shop in Ho Chi Minh City is now gradually becoming hot. This is an effective way of making money for business people with huge capital and connoisseurs in the profession. Because currently, facing the situation of online sales being heavily advertised, PR is very flashy, while […]

Experience finding cheap hostels for newbies…

Cheap hostel for students For new students from the provinces who have just moved to the city for the first time, finding a cheap hostel to study with peace of mind is not easy. Finding a suitable accommodation at an affordable price is what is most interested by first-time students in the city. However, in […]

Sharing experiences to help you find a house to rent in District 7…

District 7 is currently one of the most attractive areas to live in Ho Chi Minh City. In this article, Aequitas Audit would like to share some experiences to help you find an apartment in District 7 as easily as you want! Reasons to rent a house in District 7 District 7 owns an extremely […]

Answers to frequently asked questions when renting an apartment

The demand for apartment rentals in big cities is very high today. However, for those who rent a house for the first time, there will certainly be doubts and questions. Frequently asked questions about renting an apartment Problems when renting an apartment How to find the right apartment to rent? Currently, the fastest way to […]

Be careful with places to rent whole houses in Go Vap…

With the current aggressive form of marketing and PR, it is not surprising to call for a cheap house for rent in Go Vap. Renting a whole house is one of the forms offered by many real estate traders or brokers today. In addition to good quality services, there is no shortage of service people […]

What should you pay attention to when renting a house in Ho Chi Minh alley?

Renting a house in Ho Chi Minh alley to live, is there anything to note? Sure we have. Especially in the current complicated social situation and many houses for rent. So let help you find cheap and quality Ho Chi Minh alley houses! What should I pay attention to when looking for a house […]

Overview of the market for renting rooms in Cau Giay District

Ha Dong is one of the most developed areas in Hanoi Before the real estate situation is heating up day by day across the country. Most of the real estate items from land plots, apartments to rooms for rent have become extremely attractive in the eyes of investors. The following article by will explore […]

Borrow money from relatives to buy a house, should or not?

Borrowing money from relatives to buy a house, advantages and disadvantages For young families who want to move out or buy a house in the city, it is never easy because the financial capacity is “short before and after”. How can I have a house, pay my debts, and be able to spend my daily […]

Notes when renting a room in Phu Quoc

Dubbed the Pearl Island, with clear blue beaches and wonderful atmosphere, Phu Quoc is truly a resort paradise for those who love the sea. You are planning to travel to Phu Quoc but you do not know how to rent a room in a reasonable way. The following article of will give you some […]

Should or should not take a bank loan to buy a house?

Why do many banks offer a very preferential home loan program but still many people are in a situation of debt squeeze? Should or should not borrow money from the bank to buy a house, there really is no fixed answer. But the answer is different depending on the situation of each person. But in […]