Botanica Premier apartment for rent and some other apartments…

Botanica Premier apartment for rent and some other high-class apartments in the area around Tan Son Nhat airport are quite hot. The reason is that the host and host in this area lost a large number of foreign guests due to the Wuhan Virus epidemic.

However, on the positive side, this is the time when the tenant has the opportunity to decorate their apartment. And tenants will easily find the right apartment with the best deal price. As mentioned, in addition to Botanica Premier, apartments in The Botanica, Sky Center, Saigon Airport Plaza are also rented out quite a lot.

1. Botanica Premier apartment for rent

Location Botanica Premier

Vị trí Botanica Premier
Location Botanica Premier

Botanica Premier is not only located close to the internal terminal of Tan Son Nhat airport, the main traffic route; but also owns a super large green space. Thus, it is possible to meet all the requirements of “green living” standards right in the middle of the busy airport.

Within a radius of 1km, you can easily access to commercial centers, offices, gyms and many other high-class services. Botanica Premier’s transaction address: No. 108-112B-114 Hong Ha, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

Scale and facilities of Botanica Premier apartment

Cho thuê chung cư Botanica Premier
Botanica Premier at night is beautiful and sparkling when viewed from a fly-cam

Botanica Premier is built on an area of more than 17,000 m2 with 3 20-storey buildings and 2 basements for parking. So you do not need to worry too much about the problem of finding a parking space for your pet. In addition to the apartment, this project also has an Officetel. Another perfect option if you want to rent an apartment that can both stay and register for business.

In addition, Botanica Premier also has 6000 m2 of green space in the area. If that still doesn’t satisfy you, then you don’t have to worry too much. Because right next to this luxury apartment area is the 32ha Family Park. It’s great, isn’t it?

Of course, Botanica Premier Hong Ha not only owns green areas. It also owns a wide range of facilities and amenities to meet short-term and long-term tenants. Specifically, you will enjoy 2 swimming pools, Coffee House, BBQ restaurant, gym, hair salon, laundry, convenience store, community room, children’s playground, ….

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2. The Botanica – the name that always appears next to the notice of renting a Botanica Premier apartment

Location The Botanica

Vị trí the botanica
The Botanica is located very close to Tan Son Nhat airport terminal.

The Botanica is located in the busiest area of Tan Binh District, less than 5 minutes from Tan Son Nhat Train Station and just a few minutes walk from Botanica Premier. This building owns a very nice location right in Gia Dinh park and the existing residential area. You can “lose” yourself when renting an apartment in this area. The Botanica’s transaction address: No. 104 Pho Quang Street, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City.

The scale and utilities of The Botanica apartment building

Phối cảnh The Botanica
Perspective of The Botanica

In general, The Botanica building is much smaller in scale than Botanica Premier. But the core values of an airport apartment, the investor remains intact. Along with modern architectural design, luxury. The Botanica is highly appreciated for having a safe and comfortable environment and can meet all needs for long-term residents.

When renting a long-term house here, you will enjoy basic internal facilities such as swimming pool, podium shophouse, gym, spa, 24/24 security, spacious parking basement, …

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3. Sky Center apartment for rent

Ảnh phới sáng Sky Center
Sky Center lighting photo Ảnh

Overall, Sky Center has 4 16-storey buildings (3 commercial apartment buildings and 1 officetel building) built on an area of more than 11 thousand m2. Green space is the plus point of this apartment when it occupies more than 50% of the area. In addition, Sky Center is similar to other projects in this article – both have 2 basements. You don’t need to tire of looking for a place to park your car.

In addition to the rather large scale, the interior and exterior design language of Sky Center is very luxurious, modern and has something very artistic. Not only that, most Sky Center apartments have extremely beautiful and cool views.

It is quite unfortunate that Sky Center has quite a few internal utilities. Just stop at the basic level such as swimming pool, mini play area, … But in return, the quality of management service of this apartment is highly appreciated by residents. You can be assured of your safety and your property when renting a house at Sky Center.

Vị trí Sky Center
Sky Center location

Address Sky Center: No. 10, Pho Quang Street, Tan Binh District, Saigon.

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4. Saigon Airport Plaza – a rival of the landlords of Botanica Premier apartments

Vị trí Saigon Airport Plaza
Location Saigon Airport Plaza

Saigon Airport Plaza is developed on a land of up to 1.6 hectares and owns a very close location to Tan Son Nhat airport. With such a large scale, it is not difficult to understand that this complex also owns apartments, offices, hotels, mall and 2 spacious parking basements,…

The overall complex of Saigon Airport Plaza has 5 blocks: 1 office block, 3 apartment blocks, and 1 hotel block with full internal facilities such as . : commercial center, gym, spa, swimming pool and other high-class entertainment – resort services. The special thing is that all “amusements” at this complex are open 24/7.

Phối cảnh Saigon Airport Plaza
Perspective of Saigon Airport Plaza

The investor is also very observant when trying to plan the best views for the hotel block, high-class apartments. Specifically, in the West and Southwest, tenants can see the airport park. If your room is in the northwest direction, don’t miss the take-off and landing moments of the plane. The north direction is 10,000 m2 of garden space, which is arranged in an extremely proportionate manner.

What else can stop you from renting an apartment at Saigon Airport Plaza?

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5. Advantages and disadvantages when renting an apartment near Tan Son Nhat airport


The biggest disadvantage of hotels, homestays and apartments for rent in Tan Son Nhat airport area is the noise when planes take off and land. This discomfort lasts from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. This is also the “specialty” of this area, many residents without it feel empty. But for visitors, this is really torture.

So. When looking for rental property, you need to pay attention to whether the apartment or hotel room has good soundproofing. Basically, most of the apartments belonging to Botanica Premier, Sky View, The Botanica, Saigon Airport Plaza are designed by the investor and equipped with good soundproofing mechanisms. So you don’t need to worry too much.

Another disadvantage of this area is the traffic jam. Traffic jams all the way, from the main road to the street … alley. Especially at peak hours, the travel speed will be extremely slow. Therefore, you should align a reasonable time when you leave.


Despite its cons, overall this is an extremely livable area. All rental apartments in the article Aequitas Audit mentioned are within the “golden radius”. That is, you just need to step foot down the lobby or out the door to have access to all entertainment, entertainment, health care and dining services.

In addition, no rental apartment in Saigon can help you get on the plane as quickly as here. Even some of the projects in the above article are extremely close to the domestic terminal. You just need to carry your suitcase and walk across the street.

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6. Find apartment rental information for Botanica Premier, Airport Plza, The Botanica, Sky View here?

You can find rental information for Botanica Premier apartments and apartments around Tan Son Nhat airport in the Real Estate Rental section of – the leading real estate sale and rental website today.

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