Can Tho Hostel: which option for students?

Can Tho Hostel

Can Tho Hostel is always the top concern of students studying in Can Tho. Especially for new students, just studying away from home.

In order to meet the market demand, a series of student accommodation types were born. They give you many different options, suitable for your needs and conditions.

However, this also makes many of you hesitate, not knowing which option is best. Here, will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type of inn to help readers solve this problem.

Can Tho Dormitory

Dormitory is one of the forms that are widely deployed across the country. Moreover, with the increasing demand for accommodation in Can Tho, a new form of accommodation was born, which is a private dormitory. This type of accommodation is similar to the dormitory at universities.

This latest model of Can Tho student hostel is built in the style of a large room. Each room has a lot of bunk beds. Along with that is a system of toilets and bathrooms. Some dormitories are also equipped with additional lockers for each of their students.

Ký túc xá - sự lựa chọn của nhiều tân sinh viên
Dormitory – the choice of many new students

However, there are still quite a few students and parents who are still worried about whether to stay in the dormitory or not? Therefore, before deciding whether to stay or not, let’s find out the pros and cons of this form.

Advantages of staying in a dormitory


In the dormitory, you will immediately feel the first advantage of being crowded. Because the room is full of people. Each room has about 6 to 8 people. From there, create a small community that you yourself live with. Therefore, you will always feel crowded and bustling.

At the same time, when living in a crowded place, you will easily start a conversation and make new friends. Thereby contributing to expanding relationships, convenient in exchange, exchange and learning.

Moreover, with the participation of many people, you will always easily get help from people around. Especially in case of illness, accident or need financial support.

Practice some good habits

When you live in a dormitory, you will learn some good habits. Living, eating, studying, resting with discipline and time. At the same time, through that, you form a clean lifestyle, good for yourself as well as the environment. Because just a little unconsciousness will affect everyone around.

Guaranteed security

There is always a security guard at the dormitory. Some private dormitories are even equipped with cameras in the lobby or common areas. Therefore, security issues are always guaranteed. This brings peace of mind in your living and studying.

Low cost of room rental

Dormitories become hostels near Can Tho University, which are chosen by many students because of the same low room rental cost. Compared to other forms of accommodation on the market today, the rent here is much cheaper.


Besides the above advantages, the dormitory form has some disadvantages as follows:

Lifestyle changes

Dormitory is a collective accommodation, not like at home before. Therefore, for new students, who have not experienced accommodation here will be a big challenge. Because I have to change myself to fit the group. Build a new lifestyle, get rid of some old habits of yourself.

There is almost no private space

Không gian riêng tư hạn chế
Limited private space

Your private world at the dormitory is just as small as a single, small bed. This is also the point you need to pay great attention to when choosing this type of Can Tho hostel. Because without a private space, you will not be able to do your own things. Fulfilling your own hobbies is almost impossible.

Difficult for outsiders to enter

The dormitory strictly controls the entry of outsiders to ensure security. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to bring outsiders in. Gathering with friends is almost impossible. Relatives and parents visiting often are also inconvenient.

Easy to be stolen

Due to living in a group hiding place, a crowded place, the situation of stolen belongings is very likely. Especially with valuable assets such as phones, computers, money, etc. Moreover, the perpetrators are rarely found.

Cooking is forbidden

In the dormitory, cooking is prohibited. Therefore, you have to go out to eat. This is both costly and does not guarantee food safety.

If there is a thief, you also have to be very careful. Because the risk of confiscation of exhibits is very high. In addition, there are fines according to the regulations of each dormitory.

Can Tho Hostel with the same owner

Sharing with the owner is another form of Can Tho student accommodation that is often preferred by female friends. This is the form of you going to stay in a room with a room right next to or next to the owner’s house.

This type of accommodation has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of sharing a hostel in Can Tho with the owner

Spacious living space

Không gian sống rộng rãi khi ở cùng chủ nhà
Spacious living space when staying with the owner

Due to sharing with the owner, the living space is quite spacious and airy. You will take advantage of common spaces such as balconies, playgrounds. Or there is a convenient parking space. Even a garden to relax and rest.

Moreover, in some cases, when you encounter an easy-going landlord, you are also considered as their child in the house. This helps you relieve family nostalgia, clearly feel the love in the strange streets.

Security is guaranteed

Living with the owner, so security is guaranteed. Moreover, because of its small scale and small number of people, arising incidents are often handled more easily, quickly and simply.

Cons of staying with a host

Working hours must be according to the landlord

This is something you need to determine when staying with a host. Homeowners will have regulations on the time of going back and forth, closing time. You cannot arbitrarily go too late or overnight.

Being scrutinized and noticed by the owner

Bị chủ nhà soi xét, để ý
Being scrutinized and noticed by the owner

Another disadvantage when living with the owner is that you will be scrutinized and noticed by the innkeeper. Living problems, your way of life are inevitably suggested by the owner. Every word and movement must be kept between.

Price is not low

Depending on the location and facilities of each hostel, there are corresponding rental rates. However, the price is not low. Therefore, to reduce the cost of housing, sharing accommodation with many people is the solution that many people choose.

Self-managed Can Tho Hostel

If you are a person who loves freedom and privacy, you definitely cannot ignore the form of self-managed inns. They are usually built into separate rows of hostels or rent a whole house in Can Tho.

This model has two types: self-contained and non-closed. Self-contained rooms create a comfortable and convenient living, but on the contrary, the price is high. Non-enclosed rooms are a bit inconvenient in living, but the rent is cheaper.



The number of rooms is large, the guests are crowded. Therefore, the neighborhood is usually very crowded. People can unite and help each other in life away from home as well as in studying.

Free activities

As a form of self-management, the hours and modes of living here are quite free. Not being strictly controlled like the above forms to create comfort for you.

Nhà trọ tự quản giờ giấc sinh hoạt thoải mái
Self-managed hostel with comfortable living hours


High price of electricity and water

Usually, the cost of electricity and water at this hostel is often much higher than the official government rate. Therefore, every month, in addition to the room rent, you have to pay a large amount for the electricity and water service used.

Security is not guaranteed

Because of self-management, security issues are often not taken care of by the landlord. Therefore, here the safety is not guaranteed compared to living in the same owner or dormitory.

Moreover, because the neighborhood has many people. Each person is from many different localities and fields. Therefore, conflicts and frustrations are inevitable.

Thus, above, has shared with readers the characteristics as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the current types of Can Tho hostels. Hopefully, through this information, you will soon choose the best place to live, rest and study!

-Thúy An – Content Writter-

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