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The experience of renting a house in Hanoi is very good you should know

Identify your own needs House for rent in Hanoi is currently being interested by many people. If you own a house, you can’t waste it, of course. And renting is a reasonable option to help you profit from those vacant houses. So let’s see how the experience of renting a whole house in Hanoi is […]

Finding a room to share student accommodation: The story never gets old

Finding a room in a shared room is no longer a stranger to those who live in the hostel, especially students. However, the issue of transplanting should not be decided too hastily, but should be carefully considered and filtered to avoid getting into bad situations during the process of living together. Advantages of shared accommodation […]

Sharing experiences of renting a whole house in Ho Chi Minh City by area…

Renting a house to live in seems to be a simple thing, but it is a lot of trouble for those who need to rent a house but have no experience. To find a home that best suits the needs of the homeowner, it is necessary to consider many different factors. Through this article, […]

The situation of leasing space to open a clothing shop in Ho Chi Minh City

The trend of renting space to open a clothing shop in Ho Chi Minh City is now gradually becoming hot. This is an effective way of making money for business people with huge capital and connoisseurs in the profession. Because currently, facing the situation of online sales being heavily advertised, PR is very flashy, while […]

Sharing experiences to help you find a house to rent in District 7…

District 7 is currently one of the most attractive areas to live in Ho Chi Minh City. In this article, Aequitas Audit would like to share some experiences to help you find an apartment in District 7 as easily as you want! Reasons to rent a house in District 7 District 7 owns an extremely […]

Answers to frequently asked questions when renting an apartment

The demand for apartment rentals in big cities is very high today. However, for those who rent a house for the first time, there will certainly be doubts and questions. Frequently asked questions about renting an apartment Problems when renting an apartment How to find the right apartment to rent? Currently, the fastest way to […]

Overview of the market for renting rooms in Cau Giay District

Ha Dong is one of the most developed areas in Hanoi Before the real estate situation is heating up day by day across the country. Most of the real estate items from land plots, apartments to rooms for rent have become extremely attractive in the eyes of investors. The following article by will explore […]