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Renting a whole house in HCM: Things you need to keep in mind

Currently, the demand for renting whole houses in Ho Chi Minh City is very large. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find a suitable place to live. Especially at a time when there is a shortage of housing in the market. Let’s find out about renting a house and its benefits during this time. […]

Living in a dormitory or renting a room: students' concerns…

Living in the same house with acquaintances is easy to create many conflicts Staying in a dormitory or renting a private room outside is one of the most concerned issues for new students coming to the city to study for the first time. Let’s find the answer with Aequitas Audit in this article! Option 1: […]

Addendum to the tenancy agreement and all other matters…

Addendum to the tenancy agreement and all related matters What is a tenancy agreement addendum? When do I need a tenancy addendum? What is the latest 2021 rental agreement form?…Today we will reveal to you all the useful information on this matter. Let’s consult together! What is a contract addendum? According to Article 403 of […]

Office For Rent: TOP 5 Best Channels Today

There are many different office rental channels in reality Currently, there is a huge demand for office space for rent. Therefore, people need to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable office. In this article, let’s learn about the best channels for providing office information. This information will help you quickly find a […]

Rent a room and 10 certain things to note!

Finding a room to rent is something that most people who have a job or study move to another area need to do. The current rental of rooms has appeared many fraudulent tricks and negative behaviors. Therefore, when you want to rent a room, you should also take certain precautions to preserve the personal interests […]