Choosing to Buy a House Before Tet: Should or Not?

Choosing to buy a house before Tet: Should it or not?

In the days before the Lunar New Year, the real estate market is slowing down a bit. So should you choose to buy a house before Tet or not? This is something many people wonder about during this time. Let’s learn about the benefits of that. We will bring you a lot of information.

The time bordering the Lunar New Year and the characteristics of the real estate market

The days before Tet are considered a shopping boom time in our country. However, this is only true for everyday consumer goods. The market like real estate slowed down.

Trước Tết, thị trường bất động sản thường chững lại
Before Tet, the real estate market usually slows down

This can be easily explained by the shopping and consumption habits of Vietnamese people. At the end of the year, people often focus on choosing only daily essentials.

In addition, many people also use outstanding money to pay off debt. Since then, causing markets that require high capital such as real estate to slow down a lot.

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Should you choose to buy a house before Tet?

Lunar New Year is approaching. This is the time when many people wonder whether to buy a house or not when the market is slowing down?

The worry of many people when deciding to buy a house

Currently, the real estate market is somewhat quieter than 2 months ago. This makes those who do not have much information to think that it is a slowdown, a worrying sign of the market.

Mọi người thường lo lắng khi ra quyết định mua nhà vào thời điểm này
People often worry when making a decision to buy a house at this time

However, the truth is that this is just normal fluctuations from time to time. There won’t be any problems with the real estate downturn as many would like.

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The benefits of choosing to buy a house before Tet

Get a good and stable price

This is the first advantage of this. In the days before Tet, people often focus on other needs. Therefore, the housing market will also be more stable.

Investors and sales units often offer many discount programs. This is also understandable with the desire to sell houses of residents.

Thời điểm này là cơ hội cho bạn mua nhà với nhiều lựa chọn
This is your opportunity to buy a home with many options

In case you have capital, before Tet is a great time to buy. In particular, there are many units liquidating real estate at the end of the year. This is a golden opportunity for you to “hunt” a house at an attractive price.

Business units spend a lot of stimulus programs

This is the second benefit for those who intend to buy a house before Tet. Facing the situation of seasonal fluctuations, the units / sellers all offer attractive promotions. Their main purpose is to attract and stimulate people to make more purchases.

Some popular programs can be mentioned as lucky draw, gift of furniture, gift of construction package… Many investors also offer discounts directly on real estate prices.

The bank offers many promotions for borrowers

In case you need a loan to buy a house, the end of the year is also considered a good choice. At this time, banks are constantly offering preferential programs.

Ngân hàng có rất nhiều chương trình ưu đãi cho người chọn mua nhà trước Tết
The bank has a lot of incentive programs for people who choose to buy a house before Tet

Notable programs include the following:

  • First year interest free.
  • Interest rates.
  • Extend the loan term.
  • Giving gifts/giving gold to borrowers.

There are more options when choosing to buy a house before Tet

Usually, people’s mentality is that they don’t buy houses at the end of the year. In particular, everyone’s work and life are quite busy.

With these factors in mind, you’ll likely have more options. In particular, buying and selling also becomes so much simpler and more useful.

Disadvantages of choosing to buy a house before Tet

Everything has two sides to it. In addition to the advantages, this option of yours also carries many disadvantages. Here, let’s go through some of its disadvantages:

Tuy nhiên, việc mua nhà ở thời điểm này vẫn tồn tại những nhược điểm nhất định
However, buying a house at this time still has certain disadvantages
  • At this point, many guys will spend time launching products with unclear legality.
  • Some projects are often developed by investors to speed up construction and launch at the end of the year. At that time, the quality of the house will not be guaranteed.
  • At this point, buying and selling usually takes place quite quickly. Therefore, the purchase and sale will sometimes encounter many unpleasant legal problems.

Should you choose to buy a house before Tet?

With the information on how to buy a house above, it can be seen that the option to buy a house before Tet is quite good. This is a time that brings buyers and sellers many notable benefits. However, you should exercise caution during this process. Thereby, minimizing the risk of encountering unnecessary risks.

Important notes to keep in mind when buying a house before Tet

Needs should be determined carefully

To minimize possible problems, you should pay careful attention in determining your home buying needs. Do not forget to negotiate carefully with family members.

Bạn cần tính toán kỹ lưỡng nhu cầu của mình khi mua nhà
You need to carefully calculate your needs when buying a home

Then, your chances of getting a good house will be higher. This is really something worth paying attention to, helping people get good products that are suitable for their family life.

Check house and project information thoroughly

This is an important note to help you buy your home. Whether buying a home or a project, take the time to do a thorough legal due diligence.

This means a lot to buying and selling and trading. You will avoid problems when buying and selling if you check the house information carefully.

Only choose to buy a house on reputable channels

Currently, there are many different transaction channels, buying and selling real estate on the market. However, not all channels give users good choices.

To ensure you get new, well-tested information, you should only consult news on reputable channels. From there, get the best solutions for home sales and transactions.

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Aequitas Audit – a channel to help you shop for real estate effectively sẽ giúp bạn mua bán nhà nhanh chóng và hiệu quả hơn will help you buy and sell homes faster and more efficiently

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With a large volume of listings, will help you get the best options. At the same time, quickly execute transactions with high reliability.

Currently, Aequitas Audit has developed a lot of useful tools for buying and selling. Therefore, you should take advantage of those tools to quickly find yourself a suitable property.

Conclusion about choosing to buy a house before Tet

Chúc bạn mua nhà trước Tết thành công
Wishing you a successful home purchase before Tet

Thus, you have obtained the necessary information about buying frontage houses, buying alley houses before Tet. To get a satisfactory property, come to to get the perfect choice.

Lan Nguyen

Why do many people worry about buying a house before Tet?

In the days before Tet, the real estate market became somewhat sadder. Therefore, people often consider and worry when they intend to buy a house .

Should you choose to buy a house before Tet?

If you are financially ready, before Tet is the golden time to buy and own a satisfactory real estate.

What are the benefits of choosing to buy a house before Tet?

Find a cheap home; receive many promotions; More variety of options…

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