Estella Heights and 3 great reasons to choose

Estella Heights with 3 reasons to make an attractive resort!

Estella Heights is one of the very prominent projects in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

So, what are the attractive advantages of Estella Heights in District 2 in the current real estate market?

Let’s try to learn more about the Estella Heights project through the sharing below!

🏡 General information about the project

  • Official name of the project : Estella Heights.
  • Address: No. 88 Song Hanh Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Project investor: Keppel Land Group (Singapore).
  • General contractor: Hoa Binh Construction Group.
  • Design unit: Ong & Ong Company.
  • Project area: 4.7ha.
  • Type of construction: Luxury resort apartment.
  • Building density: 28.5% and the remaining 71.5% for green space.
  • Project scale: Including 4 blocks with the height from 33 floors to 34 floors.
  • Legal: Pink book.
  • Ownership form: Long-term ownership for Vietnamese people, 50 years for foreigners.


Estella Heights
Project address No. 88 Song Hanh Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.


This Estella Heights apartment project started construction in 2015. Estella Heights is highly appreciated in the real estate market in many aspects.

🏡 Estella Heights with 3 reasons to become an attractive resort

The type of construction investment of Estella Heights is high-class resort apartments. Then let’s try to evaluate specifically the 3 factors that help Estella Heights meet this standard!

1. Estella Heights is full of attractive and high-class facilities

Utilities are always one of the attractive factors for customers as well as investors. The internal and external utilities around the Estella Heights apartment meet these factors.

👉 Estella Heights has resort-class internal facilities

The most basic internal utilities of an apartment project are equipped in Estella Heights. Typically, parking garage, children’s pool, adult pool, playground, BBQ area… However, this project also has other unique facilities such as:

  • Estella Palace is the largest commercial center in District 2. The commercial center is full of business chains and services such as restaurants, supermarkets, spas…
  • Landscape lake with miniatures is designed right between the towers of the project. It is like an attractive and fresh garden right in the middle of the city.
  • The 24th floor is designed with an elevated garden and grass for aristocratic golf.
  • The overflowing swimming pool on the 6th floor admires the natural space and nature as if you were in a relaxing resort…


Estella Heights
The most basic internal utilities are equipped by the investor in the apartment project.


You will also have the opportunity to experience with other facilities for different sports and entertainment. Such as basketball court, badminton, fitness center, cinema room….

👉 Inherit the most attractive external facilities

In addition to the facilities right in the project, Estella Heights also takes advantage of the most prominent external areas.

  • The system of commercial centers and supermarkets such as Parkson, Vincom Mega Thao Dien, Annam Gourmet …
  • System of international schools, other universities such as University of Economics and Finance, University Village…
  • The medical and healthcare system with private clinics and hospitals, such as District 2 Hospital, Post Office II…


Estella Heights
The project has a location that inherits many modern and attractive external facilities.


Therefore, if you choose Estella Heights , you will enjoy many high-class and attractive facilities.

2. Estella Heights is airy with modern apartments

The project consists of 4 blocks and these blocks are located at the 4 corners of the project. Because 70% of the area is designed as green space and landscape. Therefore, the project site is quite cool.

👉 Estella Heights has apartments designed with modern open space


Các căn hộ đều được thiết kế không gian mở nhằm tạo không gian trong lành nhất có thể.
All apartments are designed with open space to create the freshest space possible.


You will be taking advantage of the natural light and wind from outside. Green space is designed in the middle of the project campus to help people have peace and relaxation. Each apartment is designed with a separate convenient and airy balcony.

👉 There are many view directions for you to choose

Layout Estella Heights is designed and structurally arranged quite cool and equally modern. The area between the project area is designed as a swimming pool as well as a park landscape. Therefore, the apartments here have the advantage of not being obstructed from the surrounding view.


Estella Heights
The apartments here have the outstanding advantage of not being obstructed from the surrounding view.


If you like the quiet and green surroundings, you can actively choose apartments with internal views. If you like the hustle and bustle, you can choose apartments with city views. In general, having an active view choice according to your preferences also helps Estella Heights become more classy.

👉Different apartments to help customers choose more flexibly

The apartments are arranged with the number of 8 units in each floor. Each floor will be equipped with 3 more elevators and 1 emergency ladder. The area of the apartments is also quite diverse, making it easier for you to choose.

  • 1 bedroom apartment with an area of 59.5m2.
  • The apartment has 2 bedrooms, area from 89.4m2 to 130.6m2.
  • The apartment has 3 bedrooms, area from 130.2m3 to 150m2.
  • The apartment has 4 bedrooms, area 179.8m2.
  • Duplex apartment has an area of 126m2.


Estella Heights
The area of apartments in the project is also quite diverse, making it easier for you to choose.


Depending on your needs and financial ability, you can choose the right apartment for you.

3. Estella Heights has many green spaces right in the heart of the city

Most of the project is used to make swimming pools, parks and other internal facilities for residents. With this utility design and layout, the view of the apartments will not be obscured. In fact, this factor also helps investors sell Estella Heights apartments to be “bargain”.


Estella Heights
Most of the project is used to make swimming pools, parks and other internal facilities.


👉 A green resort in the heart of the city

With a construction density of only 28.5% and green space up to 71.5%, Estella Heights deserves to be a green building. In fact, this is one of the projects with the lowest construction density compared to the common ground. Because most of the area is designed by the investor as an open space with many utilities for residents.


Estella Heights
This is one of the projects with the lowest construction density compared to the common ground.


In general, to find a green space right in the city is not easy. But with the factors shared above, Estella Heights meets this requirement. Therefore, this is considered as one of the most suitable projects for profitable investment or long-term stay.

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Van Anh – Real Estate Information Analyst

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