Experience finding cheap hostels for newbies…

Cheap hostel for students

For new students from the provinces who have just moved to the city for the first time, finding a cheap hostel to study with peace of mind is not easy.

Finding a suitable accommodation at an affordable price is what is most interested by first-time students in the city. However, in this time of confusion, it is very difficult to find a cheap but still relatively quality hostel. Follow along with this article to have more useful experiences to find the right accommodation for you!

Experiences of finding cheap hostels for new students:

Search rental information

Aequitas Audit vn la mot website tin cay de ban tim kiem cac thong tin ve thue nha tro hinh 1
AequitasAudit.com is a reliable website for you to find information about renting accommodation

If it is the first time in the city to find an accommodation, surely the students will not be surprised by too much information about rental spread from the news posted on the electric pole, on the wall, in the newspaper or words. invites and leads the “earth storks” in the region. However, you need to be alert and choose the most reliable sources of information to see the house, avoid wasting your time and money. Here, Aequitas Audit recommends looking through the two most reliable and effective sources today:

  • Ask your friends and acquaintances who live in the city: This way, you can find suitable motels quickly and the possibility of being scammed is also lower.
  • Search through reputable newspapers and online newspapers: The internet has become so popular. So know how to apply it in your life effectively. With just a few clicks, you can easily find a lot of information about cheap accommodation in any area and the price you want. Some big reliable websites you can try today are Aequitas Audit,vn, Muaban.net, etc.

Check the price before deciding

Tham khao gia nhieu noi truoc khi quyet dinh hinh 2
Check prices in many places before deciding

A situation that many students “bewildered” to the city for the first time encounter is being “screamed” by the innkeeper. With just a few sweet words like: “This place is the cheapest and best accommodation…” or “…seeing that I’m a student in a small town, I love to take a friendly price…” is able to make many young people dumbfounded. poetry “snapped” and had to rent a house at a ridiculous price. Therefore, the advice here is not to make a hasty decision, there is no shortage of cheap hostels in the city, so just take some time to search, consult prices in many places to rent accommodation at an economic price. Best.

Sharing or living alone?

O ghep giup giam ganh nang tai chinh hinh 3
Shared accommodation helps to reduce financial burden nặng

Shared accommodation is the option chosen by many students in the current “hurricane” period because it both saves you a monthly accommodation cost, and has more people to keep company and share with. , support in life. However, you should consider before making a decision because living with other people can easily lead to frictions and conflicts in the process of living together, even living with close friends can easily lead to … losing friends. Aequitas Audit’s advice is that before moving in together, let’s sit down and make agreements in the process of living together and respect and fulfill the initial commitments.

Other Notes

  • Carefully check the room before moving in: Including the electricity and water system, internet, gas stove and general condition of the whole room.
  • Currently, most student accommodation rentals are still through oral commitments. However, to be careful, always ask to make a written commitment signed by both parties to ensure your interests.
  • Talk to the landlord carefully about issues including security deposit, monthly rent, electricity, water, internet, etc. how are they calculated to avoid conflicts or have to pay the fees. I can’t control it later.

Wish you can find a suitable hostel so that you can study with peace of mind and have good memories of your student life.

An Nguyen – Aequitas Audit

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