Experience in renting houses, making contracts with foreigners

Experience in renting houses, making contracts with foreigners

Because there are many differences in culture, language, life style, etc., the granting of bonuses to foreigners encounters certain obstacles for homeowners. Therefore, today Newsmogi would like to share this article to help you have a smooth rental experience and make a house rental contract with foreigners. Consult now.

1/ Learn about the needs and preferences of foreigners when renting a house

According to some people with experience in renting apartments and real estate analysts, the majority of foreigners who rent houses in Vietnam have a high standard of living and income. Therefore, they will choose to rent luxury apartments or apartments with full furniture and utilities. In particular, apartments with fully integrated quality services will attract more foreigners.

Nên tìm hiểu về nhu cầu, sở thích của người nước ngoài khi thuê nhà.
You should learn about the needs and preferences of foreigners when renting a house.

If you want to rent to foreign guests, you need to pay more attention to the service in your apartment. Please keep the apartment area clean, eye-catching design, luxurious interior, good security, …

In case you sublease, the experience of subletting a house should be chosen products in areas where foreigners live. For example: Industrial zone, near the headquarters of joint venture companies, foreign enterprises.

2/ Must know the process and procedures for foreigners to rent a house

The legal rental experience is that if you have 5 rooms or less and are renting it out to domestic guests, you only need to register for temporary residence or temporary absence in the locality. No business registration is required.

Particularly for the case of renting a house to foreigners, even if the landlord has only 1 room for rent, he is still required to carry out business registration procedures. Therefore, if you decide to rent a house to foreigners, you need to go to the People’s Committee where the house is located to register. When registering, you need to bring documents proving the owner of the rental house and ID card or CCCD card.

Bạn cũng cần nắm rõ quy trình, thủ tục cho người nước ngoài thuê nhà.
You also need to understand the process and procedures for foreigners to rent a house.

And yet, the landlord also has to pay license tax. At the same time, the business tax code must be declared. After the guest has rented, the landlord needs to continue to carry out procedures for declaring temporary residence for foreign guests at the local police office.

Next, the landlord also needs to pay personal income tax as prescribed by law. To complete the procedures for foreign guests to rent a house.

*** Specific conditions for foreigners to rent houses are as follows:

According to the provisions of Articles 131, 132, 133 of the Law on Housing, foreigners are eligible to rent houses as follows:

  • Foreign organizations and individuals are allowed to enter Vietnam for a period of 3 consecutive months or more. Or overseas Vietnamese can rent houses in Vietnam.

For the case of housing in Vietnam. But for Vietnamese people residing abroad to rent, they must meet certain conditions.


  • Has been granted a certificate of house ownership.
  • Must be a detached house or self-contained apartment.
  • Quality assurance, safety for tenants.
  • Ensure the supply of electricity, water, sanitation and other essential conditions.
  • There is no dispute about ownership or use rights.

Article 92 of the Law on Housing also clearly stipulates the party for foreigners to rent. This stipulates that the tenant must ensure certain conditions.


  • Being the home owner or the representative in accordance with the civil law.
  • Being an individual with civil act capacity.
  • As a housing rental organization, it must have the function of doing business in housing rental.

3/ Choose the right marketing channel – quick home rental experience

One of the experiences in building a rental house that you need to know is how to market after having a rental product.

Currently, along with the explosion of technology, there are many ways for foreigners to find rental houses and landlords can reach foreigners in need. Therefore, to rent a house quickly and reach the right audience, you should post rental information on rental websites (domestic and foreign). For example AequitasAudit.com, Airbnb, Luxstay,… Or take advantage of social networking sites. Or you can also rent a house through a realtor.

Bạn nên đăng tin cho thuê nhà lên những website cho thuê (trong và ngoài nước). Ví dụ AequitasAudit.com, Airbnb, Luxstay,...
You should post rental information on rental websites (domestic and foreign). For example AequitasAudit.com, Airbnb, Luxstay,…

4/ Prepare the contract carefully and legally

According to the experience of renting a house that many people share, it is not only with foreign tenants. Even domestic tenants, you must make a clear contract to ensure the rights and obligations of both parties.

Ideally, the experience in the rental business is that the two parties need to conduct a transaction of a house rental contract. The main content includes the following main ideas:

  • Names and addresses of the parties.
  • Describe the characteristics of the housing.
  • Rental price and payment method.
  • Housing delivery time, house rental term.
  • Rights and obligations of the parties.
  • Commitment of the parties.
  • Other agreements.
  • Date, month, year of signing the contract.
  • Signatures of the parties.
Hai bên cần tiến hành giao dịch một hợp đồng cho thuê nhà hợp pháp.
The two parties need to conduct a legal house rental contract transaction.
  • Regulations on security and order of residential areas.
  • The level of compensation when causing damage, damaging objects in the house.
  • Cost of additional services.
  • Regulations on hygiene and urban beauty.
  • Security regulations….

All agreements need to be included in the rental agreement. If there is a dispute, the two sides have a basis for settlement. Avoid disadvantage to tenants or tenants.

Another experience for foreigners to rent a house is that you can consult a lawyer. Or those who have experience in investing in housing for foreign guests to avoid unfortunate damage.

5/ Register temporary residence for tenants

After the guests have completed the procedures for renting the house, you need to complete the procedures for temporary residence for foreigners at the police office. The required documents and procedures include:

  • Passport
  • Immigration declarations
  • Certificate of Temporary Residence
  • Visa.
  • Fill in the temporary residence declaration form.
  • Make a list of foreigners declaring temporary residence.
  • File a temporary residence declaration at the local police station.
  • Keep the declaration of temporary residence together with the list of foreigners temporarily residing.

Note: Temporary residence card should be kept carefully and must be presented upon request.

Sau khi khách đã làm thủ tục thuê nhà xong thì bạn cần làm thủ tục tạm trú, tạm vắng cho người nước ngoài tại cơ quan công an.
After the guests have completed the procedures for renting the house, you need to complete the procedures for temporary residence and temporary absence for foreigners at the police office.

6/ It is recommended to have an interpreter if the language is limited

Finally, the experience of renting a house to foreigners that you should not ignore is that you should hire an interpreter if you are not fluent in the language. Because of the language barrier, renting a house becomes more difficult and inconvenient.

Therefore, if you are not fluent in foreign languages, you need to use the help of a 3rd party interpreter or broker. These units will help limit the risk of misunderstanding. Or tricks if your tenants.


  • Should hire new houses or reputable translators. Those who know the best language to get the right message across.

Above is sharing about the experience of renting houses and making house rental contracts with foreigners. You can apply the same experience of building rental houses . If you want to rent a house quickly, at a good price, post a rental right on AequitasAudit.com . This is the leading reputable real estate news website today.

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