Find a room in District 10 quickly with 3 simple tips…

Find a room in District 10 quickly with 3 simple tips!

Rooms in District 10 are always sought after by many customers. However, to find a room to rent in District 10, what should you pay attention to?

Please refer to the 5 simplest tips shared below to find the fastest room!

Room in District 10 and 3 simple tips for you!

There is a lot of information about renting rooms in District 10, but not all rooms are suitable for you. Finding a room is not difficult, but it is not easy either. Try to refer to the following 3 tips

1. How much does it cost to rent a room in District 10?

You should determine how much money you can afford to rent a room. After that, you can easily filter information to find accommodation in District 10 faster. Because there are many types of rooms with rental prices ranging in many different levels.


Phòng trọ quận 10
You should determine how much money you can afford to rent a room.


You can find rooms for less than 1 million / month, or there are rooms that range from 5 million to 7 million / month. Or if you can afford it, you can also rent higher-end motel rooms. Calculating the rent carefully will help you avoid trouble when it comes time to pay the rent.

2. How do you want to rent a room in District 10?

That is, you need to know in the amount of payment, how do you need to find a room? Which area do you want to rent a room in District 10? Do you want to rent a room alone or a room to share with friends?

District 10 accommodation needs you to identify some specific factors, like

  • How many square meters do you want to rent a room?
  • How many people can the room accommodate?
  • Self-contained room or shared toilet?
  • Do you need to rent a room with a kitchen?
  • Do you have a car?


Phòng trọ quận 10
Your need is to find a room for rent about how many m2, in how many people???


In fact, the more clearly defined your needs and wants are, the easier it will be to find you. Reviewing based on your criteria will also be faster than the process of searching without purpose. You should make a list of things to do when looking for a room in District 10.

3. Rooms in District 10 should choose places with good security

Choosing an area to rent a room is quite important, especially if you are female.

Renting a room in District 10 should note some of the following factors:

  • You should choose to rent a room in a place with full street lights in the evening
  • Stay away from empty alleys, few people live
  • Avoid renting rooms in construction sites. Because in that area will gather workers in many different provinces, quite complicated.
  • Should choose accommodation near many external facilities such as schools, markets, supermarkets …


Phòng trọ quận 10
You should choose places with good security areas, avoiding traffic jams, many utilities …


You should look for areas for rent in District 10 with good security. This helps you avoid property loss as well as better protect yourself.

How to search for accommodation in District 10 effectively?

There are many different ways to find accommodation. You can refer to and apply to make your process of finding a room to rent in District 10 faster.

  • Go to the area you want to rent to find

Usually, the landlord has a room in District 10 that wants to rent, they will paste the notice to rent the room on the spot. You just need to determine where you are looking to rent? Then go to those areas to find out.

Phòng trọ quận 10
Landlords will usually post a rental notice on the spot where they rent it.


This live room search will allow you to view and refer to the room in more detail. You will ask for information from the host himself without going through any middlemen. You will know the factors of price, area and room availability in the most specific way!

  • Ask friends to recommend the room

Please ask if there are any vacant rooms in the area where your friends and colleagues are staying? Ask them to look out for you and find a room for you. This search process will also make it possible to quickly select the right room.


Hãy nhờ bạn bè hoặc đồng nghiệp để ý và tìm kiếm phòng giúp bạn.
Ask a friend or colleague to look out for you and help you find the room.


  • Search for accommodation through real estate websites

You can refer to rental information on real estate websites such as, In particular, on the website, you can also consult real estate prices in many different areas. On, you can search by the type of property you want to find such as shared rooms, shared rooms, etc.


Bạn có thể tìm theo loại bất động sản như phòng chung chủ, phòng ở ghép…
You can search by property type such as shared rooms, shared rooms, etc. is a website specializing in real estate with rental information updated every day!

  • Find rooms through groups or social networking forums

This form is now very popular, because almost everyone uses social networks. You can take advantage of finding information for renting rooms in District 10 in zalo group, facebook, room rental groups… Especially with these groups and social networks, there will be many landlords who post information about motel rooms in district 10. cheap. Don’t miss your chance to find your room!

What issues should be kept in mind when looking for accommodation?

To find accommodation, it is best to keep in mind issues such as:

  • Don’t be greedy for information that rents rooms that are too cheap

Because there will often be quite sophisticated rental traps based on the “cheap room rental” trick. You should choose rooms for rent with complete address information, with clear prices. Then, consult that rental address on the internet carefully before deciding. You will certainly avoid unnecessary risks.


Hãy lựa chọn những phòng cho thuê có thông tin địa chỉ đầy đủ, có giá tiền rõ ràng.
Please choose rooms for rent with complete address information, with clear prices.


  • Do not deposit or keep deposit papers carefully

Deposit cases are often quite subtle. They will use some tricks such as house viewing fee, deposit … Then use some reason to get deposit from guests.

You should refuse to deposit or have to make a clear deposit agreement. It is better to find a witness to your deposit information.

  • Room in District 10 should evaluate the actual quality

Do not forget to survey the actual situation of the accommodation. Please carefully examine the area around the room, the living environment. At the same time, check the main doors, windows, toilets, kitchens, etc. to see if they are still in good use or not? Is the road in front of the room flooded when it rains?


Phòng trọ quận 10
You should go to the place to check the actual room, do not trust the advertisement too much.


  • Taking advantage of pushing up service prices, electricity and water

Price of electricity, water and other services such as internet, cable… In the process of finding accommodation in District 10, ask carefully the price of these costs. Because in addition to the rent, you will have to pay these additional amounts every month. If you do not ask carefully, it is likely that your accommodation costs will be higher than expected.

  • If renting a room for a long time, please sign a clear rental contract

This will help you feel more secure during the rental process, ensuring your interests. If there is anything unclear about the rental contract, please ask and discuss it carefully with the landlord. At the same time, the contract is only valid when it is notarized.


Nếu thuê phòng dài hạn, bạn hãy đề nghị ký hợp đồng thuê rõ ràng để đảm bảo quyền lợi.
If you rent a room for a long time, please suggest to sign a clear rental contract to ensure your benefits.


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The issues shared above will help you gain more experience in the process of finding accommodation. Besides, these notes will help you avoid unnecessary risk factors when looking for a room. And if you need to find a room, don’t forget, okay? Surely you will quickly find yourself a suitable accommodation!

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