Finding a room to share student accommodation: The story never gets old

Finding a room in a shared room is no longer a stranger to those who live in the hostel, especially students. However, the issue of transplanting should not be decided too hastily, but should be carefully considered and filtered to avoid getting into bad situations during the process of living together.

Advantages of shared accommodation

O ghep giup giam ganh nang tai chinh hinh 1
Shared accommodation helps to reduce financial burden nặng
  • Savings: The biggest advantage of sharing is that you can save a decent amount of expenses every month, specifically here is the house. For provincial students, saving from a few hundred to more than a million rent a month is also very valuable.
  • Having a friend, sharing: Being alone in a big city is not easy for anyone, especially for new students. Therefore, sharing accommodation will greatly help you in your daily life from study, work to spiritual life.
  • Increase team spirit and integration skills: Living with many people will gradually train you to be able to integrate and live with others. At the same time, it also teaches you good habits in daily life such as independence, discipline, time, communication, dealing with people appropriately, etc.

Notes when looking for shared accommodation for students

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How to live in harmony with roommates?

Having so many advantages, however, living together can easily lead to “disasters” or problems that no one wants to arise from the process of living together. Therefore, in order to be able to share a room with others in a harmonious way, to limit conflicts, you should note the following issues:

  • Choose a roommate: You should know the information about the person you will be sharing (name, place of study, work, …). For students, it is best to stay with friends from the same school or the same age as students, it will be easier to exchange and get along. Do not live with people who are much older than you because there will be disagreements from the age difference.
  • Agree on common rules: One of the biggest reasons that easily lead to friction when sharing is because the people living together do not have clarity and agreement with each other from the beginning. You should have a general agreement on the regulations when living together such as time, assignment of cleaning, cooking, money, etc. clearly and follow them. This will minimize conflicts in the future.
  • Money is clear, should not be shared: Usually, students will often move accommodation during their study and living in the city. Therefore, it is very advisable to buy your own tools. Because when you move, moving house will also be more comfortable than having to divide the hassle of items that were “bought together”.
  • Should have a common fund: Should appoint one of the “most careful” in the room to act as treasurer and each person will contribute to that common fund an amount according to regulations. This money will be used for common things in the room such as buying soap, dishwashing liquid, fixing light bulbs, etc.
  • Do not share too many people: Agree that the more you share, the cheaper the rent will be. However, overcrowding will lead to inconveniences in the process of cohabitation and more easily lead to friction and conflict (especially for girls). The advice is that you should only stay with 2 to 3 people, it is best, make sure that the accommodation space is still enough for you to be comfortable in daily life without feeling any inconvenience.

With the above experience of finding shared accommodation, hope you will easily find a suitable place with suitable roommates.

An Nguyen – Aequitas Audit

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