Is it easy to sell houses on Hanoi street at this time?

Is it easy to sell houses on Hanoi street at this time?

Currently, many investors are struggling with the need to sell their homes to pay off debt or recover capital after a tumultuous year of covid. So how to sell houses on the street in Hanoi quickly, at a good price at this time? Please refer to the sharing of opportunities and challenges as well as the fastest way to sell your home.

Selling houses on Hanoi street at this time: Advantages and disadvantages

#Convenient to sell houses on Hanoi street at this time

Currently, it is the days approaching the Lunar New Year of the Ox 2021, with the mentality of having a home to “settle down and establish a business”, many people want to sell their houses to recover capital or repay debts. Especially small investors, thin capital.

Choosing to sell a house at this time is an opportunity for many investors because people’s demand increases the most in the whole year. Not only the front house segment, other segments such as low-cost apartments, social housing, etc. have also received a lot of attention during this time.

Thuận lợi khi bán nhà mặt phố Hà Nội thời điểm này đó là nhu cầu của khách hàng cao hơn.
The advantage of selling houses on the street in Hanoi at this time is that customer demand is higher.

With a larger number of customers looking to buy houses, quick investors can promote their products well. Not to mention the street house is an easy segment to sell. Walking around real estate forums, you can see information for sale throughout the streets of Hanoi such as:

  • House for sale on the street in Dong Da district
  • House for sale on the street in Ha Dong district
  • House for sale on the street in Cau Giay district
  • House for sale on the street in Ba Dinh district
  • House for sale on the street in Hoan Kiem district
  • House for sale on the street in Hai Ba Trung district

There is still a lot of information about selling real estate in Hanoi that is being released by investors to serve the needs of customers to buy real estate at this time.

# Hard

The current segment of Hanoi street houses is also very diverse. From modern houses with extremely eye-catching Western architecture to semi-classical and classic townhouse facades . However, the general price of houses on the streets of Hanoi is currently very high. Although in 2020, the real estate industry is heavily affected by the covid epidemic, but Hanoi’s housing prices seem to have never cooled down.

Khó khăn của việc bán nhà mặt phố đó là giá cao và rất kén khách
The difficulty of selling houses on the street is the high price and very picky customers

If you visit big and reputable real estate websites like or, you will see Hanoi houses for sale from 5 billion VND or more. There are even apartments for sale up to hundreds of billions.

Therefore, at this price, these houses become extremely picky. Not everyone can afford to buy to live. This is also the difficult side of investors when selling houses at this stage.

For investors with a lot of capital, the choice to buy a house on Hanoi’s street for rent will also decrease. When the epidemic situation has not ended and the economy is as difficult as it is now.

Selling houses on the street in Hanoi, any tips to sell quickly and get a good price?

Through the above advantages and disadvantages, many people will probably wonder how to sell houses on the streets of Hanoi quickly and at a good price? Check out these great tips below:

# Promote to the right place, to the right audience

The right audience, the right time and the right communication channels are the keys to a successful home sale during this period. Therefore, first you need to determine how much your home is for sale. This helps you to target the customer segment you are targeting. And have appropriate communication and promotion directions.

Quảng bá đúng địa điểm, đúng đối tượng giúp bạn bán nhà nhanh.
Promote to the right place, to the right audience to help you sell your house quickly.

# Researching the trend of buying houses in the current Hanoi market

Next, study the current home buying trend in the Hanoi market. You need to know what the residents of the capital currently like about townhouses and adjust and remodel accordingly. In particular, if the house is too large with too high a price, you can also choose another option if you don’t have customers to buy it forever.

# Post a house for sale on Hanoi street on – how to sell a house quickly and easily nhà

Finally, choose a place to post the right house for sale. You can choose to post your home for sale on social networking sites, facebook, etc. However, your trust level and target customers will be lower.

Therefore, advice for those who are in need of selling their home is to visit major real estate news websites such as or… whole.

Đăng tin bán nhà mặt phố Hà Nội trên - cách bán nhà nhanh, dễ dàng
Post a house for sale on Hanoi street on – how to sell a house quickly and easily nhà

And if you want to interact better, you should choose the form of advertising on these sites. The price for each post is extremely cheap, but the amount of interaction and access to potential customers is extremely high.

Examples of some selling houses on Hanoi street are having good interaction on

1/ House for sale on Nghi Tam street, Tay Ho, house 6 floors x 58m, Mt 4.2, price 17.2ty

  • Address: Nghi Tam, Yen Phu Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi
  • Price: 17 billion 200 million VND
Bán Nhà Mặt Phố Nghi Tàm,Tây Hồ, nhà 6 tầng x 58m, Mt 4.2, giá 17.2ty
House for sale on Nghi Tam street, Tay Ho, house 6 floors x 58m, Mt 4.2, price 17.2ty
  • New house, beautiful, very good business for rent.
  • Central location on Nghi Tam street, near 5-star hotels Sheraton, Pan Pacific, Westlake, Intercontinental…
  • Near Yen Phu market, schools, supermarkets, public utilities, a place where tourists gather, transport connections everywhere, busy and diverse business, near West Street, beautiful West Lake dream
  • Cars parked on the sidewalk all day and night….
  • Standard legal, beautiful square red book. Contact 038233xxxx

2/ Selling Ha Dong house in front of Yen Phuc Phuc La right in Van Quan urban area 59m2, 3.5 billion VND

Address: Yen Phuc, Phuc La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Price: 3 billion 500 million VND

Bán nhà Hà Đông mặt phố Yên Phúc Phúc La ngay KĐT Văn Quán 59m2, 3.5 tỷ
Selling Ha Dong house on Yen Phuc Phuc La street right in Van Quan urban area 59m2, 3.5 billion VND
  • House on Yen Phuc street, Phuc La ward, Yen Phuc street, directly to Nguyen Khuyen, right in Van Quan urban area
  • Level 4 houses are considered as selling land, new owners buy and rebuild to live or do business.
  • The street is busy with heavy traffic.
  • Parameters: 59m2, level 4, selling price: 3.5 billion VND
  • Beautiful red book, the owner is ready to trade
  • Call now 098769xxxx 59 minutes before to see the house and immediately
  • Broker free.

3/ Selling Ha Dong house, front of Chien Thang La Khe 4 floors, beautiful windows 4.4mmt

Address: Chien Thang, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Selling price: 4 billion 550 million VND

Bán nhà Hà Đông mặt phố Chiến Thắng La Khê 4 tầng sổ đẹp 4.4mmt
Ha Dong house for sale on Chien Thang La Khe street with 4 floors of beautiful windows 4.4mmt
  • The house is on Chien Thang street, La Khe ward, near the following wards: Yet Kieu, Ha Cau, Van Phuc, Phu La (Van La, Van Phu), Nguyen Trai
  • 41m2, 4 floors without defects, square windows, light blooms
  • 1st floor for 4 car garage, dining room, kitchen and wc.
  • Floor 02 + 03: Each floor 02 rooms + wc.
  • 4th floor: Worship room and drying yard.
  • The road in front of the house, the cars avoid each other comfortably, the cars stop and park
  • There is an open space at the back of the house so every room has light.
  • The house is near the market, near Bia Ba, near Ngo Thi Nham urban area.
  • Roads through all directions, the location is both residential and business or as an office of the Company.
  • Call now 098769xxxx.
  • Broker free.

4/House for Sale in Ho Dac Di Lake Golden Location Worthy Value, MT 5.5M

Address: Ho Dac Di, Nam Dong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Selling price: 29 billion VND

Bán Nhà đường Hồ Đắc Di Vị Trí Vàng Xứng Tầm Giá Trị, MT 5.5M
House for sale on Ho Dac Di Street, Golden Location Worth the Value, MT 5.5M
  • House vew Ho Dac Di, a location too rare for sale, a location that can be considered a hot spot in the eyes of thousands of buyers.
  • The business advantage is better than the street, the car is parked, the sidewalk is wide, and the surrounding streets are full of food streets, hotels, motels, offices, busy from morning to night.
  • Use for living purposes: Fresh air, in front of the lake house, morning and evening coffee. Use for rental purposes: Corner lot, can rent each floor, go back door. Home has so many advantages.
  • A 4-storey house with a solid concrete column frame. Area 68m2 with 5.5m frontage.
  • Wide frontage suitable for all types
  • Corner lot 3 is open to one side of the street and one side of the alley
  • Red book owner, square front and back like one
  • For more information, please contact: 098225xxxx Nguyen Dinh Minh.

Above is our share about selling houses on the street in Hanoi at this time of opportunities and challenges. Along with that, there are some sample Hanoi houses for sale on for your reference. What are you waiting for, visit to sell your home fast, at a good price!

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