JDB 051 – “I Can’t Do This Anymore!” – How to Love Being a Lawyer or Find Your Path Out of the Law

Marc Luber host of Careers Out ThereI think we have all been there at one time or another in our careers as lawyers – and some of us struggle to drag ourselves into the office every day of the week!  Law is a demanding career.  Long hours. Never ending deadlines.  And lots of stress.  This can often make for an unhappy career – and that is where Marc Luber comes in with his great website J.D. Careers Out There.

I mentioned last week that I am speaking on content marketing at the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys national conference in New York City this week.  Because of this I decided not to record a new episode but to share with the audience one of my favorite episodes from the past.

Since I interviewed Marc about a year ago (episode #20) Marc was honored by the ABA as having the best career website out there.

Marc offers a ton of great information on making your legal career better or if you want out how you can do that without losing it all.

I will catch you next week with a new episode of the JDBlogger Podcast!

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