JDB 053: The Mindful Lawyer (or how to avoid stress and not hate being a lawyer) – Interview with Jeena Cho

IMG_0545-2064741317-OWe have all been there.  Waking up in the middle of the night – in a cold sweat that we have missed some sort of deadline.  Or how about the opposing attorney who you can’t stand – who insists on making your life pure misery every time you have any interaction with him.  Not to mention the long hours, demanding clients, and then there’s the state bar…  These are the joys of being a lawyer.  And if you are not careful you just may wake up one morning and think “I can’t do this another day”.

But then the realities of student loans, bills, and all the other pressures of life weigh in and you just feel trapped…okay, enough about my life :)…in today’s episode of the JDBlogger Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeena Cho.  Ms. Cho is a bankruptcy attorney in San Francisco at the J.C. Law Group, P.C. where she practices with her husband Jeff.  Jeena is also in the process of writing a book for the American Bar Association on Mindfulness – or how to deal with the stresses of law practice and make your work life if not enjoyable, at least tolerable.

Tool of the Trade

I have mentioned quite a bit lately that I have started posting short videos on my website as an additional way of connecting with potential clients.  The feedback has been great but it still doesn’t make it any easier to produce the video.  To help make the process a little easier I have been looking into purchasing a teleprompter.  I found out quickly that these can get real pricey real quick.

However I found a teleprompter that works with an iPad or any Android tablet made by InteractMedia that works very well and was a real bargain at $159.00.  In today’s episode I discuss how it works and how you can use it to not only reduce your time involved in producing videos but increase the overall quality of the videos.

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