JDB 096: How to Take Your Content Creation Offline

How to Take Law Firm Content Marketing Offline with JDBlogger

Content creation for law firms is often thought of in terms of blog articles, videos, and even podcasting.  However some of the most effective content creation I have done is for my law practice has been the content I created for use in handouts and other documents that are used as part of my consultation process.

In this episode I discuss the value in taking your content creation offline and give you several ideas on what types of things you can create that will set you apart from other law offices and help you close the deal even after the potential client leaves your office.

Resources Discussed in this Episode

Moo – Custom Business Cards, Flyers, Letterhead, and Handouts 

Advantage Media – Create Your Own Book

JDBlogger Interview with John Fisher, Esq. – Using a Book to Market Your Practice

Download the Skiba Law Group Litigation Flow Chart – Click Here

Do You Practice Bankruptcy Law?  Do You Need Help with Creating Content for Your Blog?

JDBlogger Blogging for bankruptcy lawyersThe other day I met with a fellow bankruptcy attorney here in Arizona and he said that he would really like to build a blog that converts but that there was just one problem – he hates blogging!   I know there are a lot of attorneys in the same boat and that is why I have decided to offer (on a limited basis) to help you out with building your bankruptcy blog.  If you practice in the area of bankruptcy law and would like some assistance jump starting your blog email me at john@jdblogger.com and we can put together a game plan to make your bankruptcy blog not only informative, but valuable.


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