JDB 102: How to Be Happy in Your Law Practice

Lawyer Forward Conference John Skiba

This past January I had the opportunity to speak at the  Lawyer Forward conference in Austin, Texas.  Michael Whelan is the founder of the Lawyer Forward conference and each year he brings together a bunch of lawyers who are looking for something more out of CLE and ways to improve not only their law practice but their lives.

Mike has been very generous to provide me with the audio from my talk to share with you today.

If you would like to attend the Lawyer Forward Conference in 2017 tickets are already on sale and as of this release you can still get the early-bird pricing.


Introducing…JDBlogger Author

As a lawyer and business owner you wear a lot of hats and the one of thing you never have enough of is time.  Content marketing has leveled the playing field as to the reach solo and small firm lawyers have, however it takes time to create quality content.  Something has to give and most often it is marketing where solo lawyers let things slide.

It was with this in mind that I created JDBlogger Author – a Premium Content Marketing Creation service specifically designed to help increase the online JDBlogger Author Ghostwritingpresence of solo and small firm lawyers.  There is no question that content marketing will drive clients to your firm.  Let me help you put together a plan and assist you with creation of high quality informative content for your website and law firm blog.

I am offering a free  30 minute marketing strategy session to kick things off.  Click HERE to learn more and to sign up.

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