JDB 50: The Big Five-0 and How to Record a Podcast Interview with Skype

JDBlogger PodcastToday I am excited to release the fiftieth episode of the JDBlogger Podcast and am proud to announce that Ruby Receptionist is the official sponsor of the Podcast.  I started this podcast about 18 months ago with the goal of sharing things I had learned in building my practice and hopefully being able to meet an interview some of the experts who were really doing things right.

I want to thank all 27 people that I have had the chance to interview and thank you the listeners for sticking with me.  I am looking forward to continuing with the weekly podcast and expanding the scope to topics on technology, law firm innovation, and law practice management.


Also, in today’s episode I follow up on the topic from last week – podcasting.  I neglected to discuss some of the technical aspects of setting up and recording interviews on a podcast.  Today I discuss three ways you can record a podcast using Skype:


I have recorded all of my interviews via Skype using the Mix-Minus method.  This one is a little more complicated and requires a mixer and separate audio recorder but allows you more control in making sure the volume of you and your guest or co-host are the same.  If you are planning on using a set-up similar to mine I would recommend spending the $100 Cliff Ravenscraft charges for his course on setting up a recording system for podcast interviews called “Podcaster’s Guide to Recording Co-Hosts, Guests, and Podcast Interviews“.  It wills save you days of aggravation and give you the confidence that it is done right.

ecamm for Mac Computers

If you plan on using Skype on your Mac computer for interviews I would recommend ecamm.  It is a simple download, inexpensive ($29.95) and allows you to record both audio and video in Skype and level out the sound between the participants.

Pamela for Skype

If you will be using Skype on your PC to record your interviews I would recommend Pamela for Skype.  It will do most of the same things ecamm will do.  I would recommend you down load the professional version ($35.76) because the basic and Call Recorder versions only allow for 15 minutes of recording time.

Thanks for listening to the podcast!

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