Living in a dormitory or renting a room: students' concerns…

Living in the same house with acquaintances is easy to create many conflicts

Staying in a dormitory or renting a private room outside is one of the most concerned issues for new students coming to the city to study for the first time. Let’s find the answer with Aequitas Audit in this article!

Option 1: In a student dormitory: Cheap, safe but restrictive, less private

Most universities now have built more student dormitories . Dormitory is usually located on campus. Or not too far from the school. Staying in a dormitory has many advantages. Especially for first-year students with “wet feet, dry feet” coming to the city for the first time such as:

# Safer

On-campus dormitories are managed by the university you attend. Should consider security issues will be safer and more secure. The time when staying in the dormitory often has specific regulations on the time to go and return, so the activities will also be more orderly and orderly. Especially for those of you who have a disciplined and punctual routine, you will love staying in the dormitory.

# Cost savings

According to the experience in the dormitory that many students share, it only costs you less than 500k / month to stay in the dormitory. Meanwhile, staying outside, you will have to spend at least more than 1 million – 4 million VND/month compared to the expensive cost in the city today. Moreover, because student dormitories are often built near the school, fuel and travel costs are also minimized.

Một ưu điểm nổi bật khi ở ký túc xá đó là chi phí rất tiết kiệm.
One outstanding advantage of staying in a hostel is that the cost is very economical.

# Friends help each other

Roommates in the dormitory are all students at the same school, so it will be easy to support each other in daily study. It even helps you to expand relationships and practice for yourself better habits and skills of living in a group.

# Winter is more fun

Another advantage for new students who want to stay in the dormitory is the crowd. The dormitory will be like a small community where people live together. Therefore, living in a dormitory will make you feel crowded and bustling.

Even if you are a new student, you can easily make new friends and find new friends. Even getting help from roommates. It’s not just about helping when you’re sick and needy, helping in your studies. You can also get financial support.

Nhiều bạn tân sinh viên muốn ở ký túc xá hơn ở trọ bên ngoài bởi lý do đơn giản đó chính là sự đông vui.
Many new students prefer to live in a dormitory rather than stay outside for the simple reason that it is crowded.

# Many services included

In modern dormitories such as the National University dormitory, there are many basic services included. For example: Sports ground, coffee shop, grocery store, English practice area, student cafeteria with super cheap prices, ….

And yet, the accompanying services of the hostels are now increasingly diverse and modern. This is also the reason that many new college students choose a dormitory instead of a boarding house.

# Easily join the school’s activities, the university village

The yard in the dormitory is usually very large and that is a plus point for those who like sports, in the afternoon the students walk, jog, and play badminton. You can even register to join an interesting club right at your dormitory such as: Patin Club, Vovinam Martial Arts Club, Traditional Martial Arts Club, etc. to exercise and follow your personal interests.

Any activity of the school, of the university, you can “catch” the fastest if you live in the dormitory.

Tuy nhiên ở ký túc xá cũng sẽ có một số nhược điểm nhất định như không có không gian riêng tư,...
However, staying in a dormitory will also have certain disadvantages such as no private space, …

However, staying in the dormitory will also have certain disadvantages such as:

  • When in the dormitory, the whole private world is reduced to a bed. Therefore, all private activities are kept to a minimum. If you want to satisfy hobbies like keeping a dog, growing plants will also be impossible.
  • The number of people in a room is quite crowded (usually no less than 5 people / dormitory room) so daily activities will be more or less affected.
  • Because it is in a crowded place, your activities and behavior will also be less comfortable. It is even easy to have friction if the roommate is less conscious.
  • Can’t cook so it’s quite inconvenient.
  • Travel time is quite tight, not comfortable.
  • There is an easy situation of petty theft and loss of things due to sharing with many people.
  • Not all dormitories have modern facilities like the National University B Dormitory. Currently, some dormitories of many schools are now quite dilapidated and often full capacity is not uncommon.
  • Usually dormitories have very strict laws about letting outsiders in. This makes it difficult for students to bring friends home or let their parents visit.
  • The dormitory will not allow cooking. So you have to eat out. Sometimes spending money is not guaranteed.

Option 2: Accommodation: Higher price, comfortable but less safe

Ở trọ chi phí sẽ cao nhưng được tự do, thoải mái và ít gò bó
Accommodation costs will be high but you will be free, comfortable and less constrained

Besides the dormitory, the option of renting accommodation outside is still chosen by many students.

The big advantages of renting out student accommodation are:

  • A free sky opens up before your eyes. When you want to come back in the evening, come back. Go when you want to go. If you want to eat something, you can cook it yourself without anyone stopping or commenting. Accommodation is a great choice for students who love freedom and hate being managed.
  • Spacious private space when you stay alone. If there is a joint, only 2.3 people are maximum. Especially, you can be proactive in choosing a roommate. So the friction. Or even petty theft is limited.
  • Have the right to cook according to your preferences and conditions. Not only does it cost money to eat out, so it will ensure your health in the long run.
  • The accommodation has full amenities. There is even a private and spacious space. Therefore, you can absolutely do what you like.
  • Having relatives to visit, you also have a place for them to rest and sleep overnight. Instead of having to find another accommodation for them like in the dormitory.
  • You can allow yourself to be lazy for a few days and it’s okay not to clean your room.

Freedom and comfort are like that, but accommodation also has many disadvantages that make students struggle

Tự do, thoải mái là thế nhưng ở trọ cũng cũng có nhiều nhược điểm làm các bạn tân sinh viên lo lắng.
Freedom and comfort are like that, but accommodation also has many disadvantages that make new students worry.

# High cost

As mentioned above, to find a relatively good hostel in an expensive city, you have to spend at least about 800k .month. This cost can be reduced if you are sharing. But overall still 2, 3 times higher than in the dormitory.

# Hard to find the right place

Finding a satisfactory hostel near the school is not easy, so you will often have to spend an extra amount of travel expenses and the possibility of being late for class and traffic jams when going to school is also higher.

Currently, on the market, there are also many models of high-class dormitories to serve students and singles who need to share accommodation. But free living. Not as restrictive as national university dormitories or those of other universities.

# Lonelier

Sometimes you will feel sad and lonely when you are alone. Even when you are sick or in trouble, you do not have friends to help and encourage you if you stay alone.

# Poor safety

Many hostels have extremely poor security. If sharing with strangers, the safety is extremely low. Even the loss of belongings can happen. Especially for the gullible new students.

Nếu ở ghép với những người lạ thì độ an toàn cực thấp.
If sharing with strangers, the safety is extremely low.

Some notes when new students rent a room

In the process of finding an accommodation and deciding to rent a room, students need to have the following skills to avoid making mistakes when choosing. Or spend a lot of time and money looking for accommodation but still can’t find a place you like.

# Consider the location and security of that motel room

This is the first thing to consider when renting a room. To get a good accommodation, avoid places with too many complicated components such as markets, bus stations, etc. But don’t look for dormitories that are too deserted. Hostels close to hostels are in open ground.

Homeowners make a big decision on the security of the inn. Therefore, when renting, you also need to learn more about the landlord. It is advisable to find out information from the people who are renting there. Or the people around are clever about the security of the motel room in the area you intend to rent.

# Transportation convenience

Note if the bus routes around there are convenient. In fact, everyone wants a location close to a school. But not necessarily too close. Because the closer it is, from the area, electricity, water, .. also pushed the price should be very high. Many of you have a hobby of renting rooms far away. That’s not but wasteful in travel costs. It also takes up a lot of your time.

Unlike dormitories, when looking for a room for new students, there are many things to keep in mind.

# Quality of the inn room

Please consider carefully to ensure that the elements of electricity, water, equipment, tile walls, etc. work well and are safe after renting. Do not be too greedy about the area of the room. Because this will make it difficult for you to weigh.

You also need to see if the ancillary items are good, close or not. Support services are also very important such as food court, park, refreshments, internet, wifi… Please ask the landlord to clean the room before you move in. Because it’s your right.

# Rental price and attached fees

For students or working class, price is a big issue. The price of accommodation will vary depending on the area of the district. Therefore, you must determine the place to rent a room that is suitable for your situation.

In case you feel the price is too high for your ability, think of the solution to find a roommate. Sharing will reduce the cost significantly per person. You will have close friends to share and help each other during difficult times. Do not look for a roommate who is a stranger to avoid being cheated.

Các bạn tân sinh viên cũng có thể ỏ dạng ký túc xá cao cấp bên ngoài.
New students can also stay in a high-class dormitory outside.

# Read the contract carefully before signing and depositing

When renting a room, it is necessary to have a rental contract consisting of 2 copies confirmed by 2 parties and each party keeps 1 copy.

Before signing that contract, you need to carefully read the terms of the contract about rights and responsibilities. And yet, factors such as rent, deposit, electricity and water prices, and other internet and cleaning services… also need special attention. Surely, you will not be harmed with this contract.

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Aequitas Audit’s advice for freshmen

Sinh viên năm nhất nên ở ktx một thời gian trước khi chuyển ra ngoài ở trọ
First-year students should stay in the dormitory for a while before moving out

Whether it’s in a dormitory or in a private room outside, student life away from home will teach you many useful things and help you become more brave, mature and independent.

However, in the opinion of Aequitas Audit, you do not need to worry too much about the problem of staying in a dormitory or renting an apartment. It is best for new students to come to the city for the first time and have no experience in finding suitable accommodation, they should stay in a dormitory for a while to get used to it. Then after you can move out, it will be easier.


Above is our share to help new students worry less about the problem of staying in a dormitory or renting a room. Don’t forget to visit if you want to find cheap student accommodation near the National University Dormitory, near major schools in the university village for easy travel and study. Hope you find a place you like!

Tran Thanh – An Nguyen – Content Writer

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