Notes when renting a room in Phu Quoc

Dubbed the Pearl Island, with clear blue beaches and wonderful atmosphere, Phu Quoc is truly a resort paradise for those who love the sea. You are planning to travel to Phu Quoc but you do not know how to rent a room in a reasonable way.

The following article of will give you some suggestions for renting a room in Phu Quoc as well as some notes when traveling in this paradise island.

Unique features of the type of room for rent in Phu Quoc

If renting a room is a long-term service (calculated by month) on the mainland, with Phu Quoc island district, this is a completely different service. The motel rooms in Phu Quoc are designed like a miniature hotel room, even though people only divide rooms in their families and rent them out to tourists to stay for a few days.

Unique model of room rental in Phu Quoc for tourists

Depending on the host, you can rent a room in Phu Quoc by room (100-200 thousand / night for many people) or by person (1 person 50 thousand / night). And unlike other Homestays or hotels, renting a room in Phu Quoc is quite interesting for tourists because you won’t find them on hotel room search pages. You can only rent them when you reach the pier or go deep into the harborside residential area, the people will support you.

This form of rental accommodation in Phu Quoc can be considered as a simple form of Homestay. Because you will probably have to sleep on the ground, the room is not air-conditioned and sometimes even live with mosquitoes. However, this is an interesting model because tourists will have more contact with hosts who are funny locals. Enjoy meals imbued with the flavor and identity of this simple yet heavenly land.

Accordingly, you can follow the host to night fishing, scuba diving or go to the pristine and beautiful seas that only the locals here know. You also have the opportunity to try the quintessential dishes of this land. It’s not just the famous grilled herring or urchin salad. But you can follow the owner to the market to see the sparkling live squids.

You will experience how to pry milk oysters on the cliffs or how to make squid in a sunny day simply by squeezing it straight on large stones and then grilling it and eating it deliciously. You will be bathing in the immense blue sea, try diving to see fish, coral or simply go along the coast to catch beautiful emerald green moon snails.

You will realize, there is no place where coconut water is as sweet as Phu Quoc, nor is there a place where the sunrise or sunset is so beautiful. And yet, you will feel Phu Quoc closer when the people here are so sincere and honest. It is the rustic features of the people of the West, a little taste from the “sons of the sea” and a little interesting from those who have gone through the years with life…

Notes when renting a room in Phu Quoc

Although it has many special and unique features, the Phu Quoc accommodation service also has many points that tourists need to note and consider before choosing.

The first is about tenants, the model of renting rooms in Phu Quoc is suitable for those who like to travel and like to learn about the culture, identity and people of Phu Quoc. If you simply want to enjoy the paradise life or you are on a family trip then this model is not very suitable.

Tourists need to consider carefully before deciding to rent a room in Phu Quoc

Second, about the utility of the room for rent in Phu Quoc. In fact, there is no clear standard for the utility of rooms for rent in Phu Quoc. So, if you want your trip to be more wonderful, better, then you should consider specific amenities before deciding whether to rent a room to stay or not. Currently, in order to better serve the needs of tourists, many landlords in Phu Quoc have upgraded their facilities to be much better and more modern.

Third, when renting a room in Phu Quoc, tourists also need to pay attention to the price. The culture of “hacking and slashing” in tourist areas still exists. So to avoid being cut off when renting a room or dining in Phu Quoc island, you should consult the price as well as ask the price before deciding whether to rent or not.

Above is some information about the rental model in Phu Quoc as well as the notes that wants to send to readers. Believe that this will be interesting information for you when you intend to come to this new land.

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