Real estate broker via telesales?

Real estate brokers who want to succeed should not rely too much on telesale

In the current information technology era, the purchase and sale of any item requires the support of smart electronic devices. Real estate is no exception. Brokerage or real estate sales are not only established by meetings, flyers or advertisements, but also depend a lot on telesales skills.

What is telesales?

Telesales is a method of using telephones to expand business markets and increase the number of transactions through calls. Telesales helps sellers or marketers to actively call potential customers to introduce product information in the most detailed way. This method allows businesses to exploit a huge and frequently updated customer database.

Telesales is considered as a vital skill of any real estate agent. In addition to exploiting the database, telesales also helps sellers make an impression with buyers on the first call if they hit the psychology and lead to a very high ability to close sales.

The rise of telesales in the real estate market

For the current real estate market, telesales is one of the most effective solutions for brokerage as well as buying and selling. This method allows businesses to directly reach a large number of customers on a large scale at a reasonable cost.

Telesales is an indispensable part of real estate brokerage in the 21st century.

There are many reasons why telesales is gradually taking an impregnable position in the real estate market. Here are the highlights:

  • Direct, fast access: As mentioned above, selling by phone allows sellers to directly approach buyers to introduce product details, namely real estate and quickly. come to an agreement.
  • Large database: This is the biggest advantage of telesales when businesses can make brokerage calls to customers everywhere without having to carry out aggressive advertising campaigns or real estate brokerage. Traditional methods of real estate are very expensive and inefficient.
  • Cost savings: it is no coincidence that Telesales is considered one of the most effective sales methods today. The value of profit that telesales brings is much higher than the cost of implementation.
  • Easy customer care: This is the key to creating a strong relationship between buyers and sellers. Telesales allows real estate brokers or real estate agents to take care of customers or survey buyers. Thus creating a very positive effect from buyers.

The secret to high success rate broker calls

To be successful in any field, you need to know the basic secrets of the job and so is telesales.

Hãy chuẩn bị vũ khí để chiến đấu cùng telesales!
Prepare your weapons to fight with telesales!

There are key points that help salespeople increase the success rate of marketing.

  • In-depth project knowledge when real estate brokerage: The core issue when making a real estate brokerage call is to be able to answer all customer questions related to the project. This is the basis for creating trust for buyers.
  • Build a call scenario in advance: Professional telesales professionals build a lot of scenarios that can happen during the call so that they can easily handle any situation.
  • Soft skills: When performing dialogue situations like telesales, soft skills will determine 80% of your success. Try to keep your voice up and create a relaxed atmosphere when doing telesales.
  • Gender issues: This may be a factor that few people pay attention to, but it is always highly effective when applied. Specifically, women will call men and vice versa. A voice of the opposite sex and charisma will create a very positive effect in the closing process.

Thus, we can see that telesales is an effective real estate brokerage method of the 21st century. The rise of this method brings bilateral benefits to both buyers and sellers, helping everyone. Save both time and money when buying and selling real estate.

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