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Get a temporary residence book when you are eligible

Registering temporary residence for tenants is a procedure that needs to be done right after the tenancy agreement is signed. This procedure both helps state agencies manage citizens and ensure social security. Both help tenants can exercise their rights. For example, taking out a loan, registering to own a motorbike, buying a house, etc.

Such is the necessary procedure for temporary residence registration. However, not everyone understands the importance as well as the specific steps of temporary residence registration. In the content below, Aequitas Audit will share details of temporary residence registration procedures for tenants for your reference.

1. What is temporary residence? Why register for temporary residence?

Temporary residence is a place where a citizen lives temporarily, for a definite term (besides the place of permanent residence registration). You will have to register for temporary residence after renting a house (room) with the competent State agency. After that, these agencies will issue temporary residence books according to Clause 1, Article 30 of the 2006 Residence Law.

Registering temporary residence will help tenants avoid fines when there is a police check

The registration of temporary residence and the rights and obligations of each citizen. When renting an accommodation, you must register for temporary residence because:

First, temporary residence registration will help state agencies manage citizens. Ensure better social order and security.

Second, temporary residence registration will help tenants carry out the home buying procedures. Buying motorbikes, cars, doing business, getting loans, sending children to school is easier.

Third, registering for a temporary absence will help tenants avoid fines when the local police make a surprise inspection.

  • Conclusion on the procedure for temporary residence registration for tenants

The temporary residence registration is both meaningful to the State agencies. Both play an important role in the life of citizens.

Registration of temporary absence for tenants is done by the landlord or the tenant? Normally, the registration of temporary residence will be done by the innkeeper. However, if the landlord does not do this, the tenant must contact the local police officer to carry out this procedure.

  • Notes when registering temporary residence for tenants:

Tenants must register for a temporary stay within 30 days. Specifically: according to Clause 2, Article 30 of the Law on Residence 2006, people are living, studying or working at a place in a commune, ward or township but are not eligible for permanent residence registration in that locality. then, within 30 days from the date of arrival, the tenant must register for temporary residence at the police office of the commune, ward or township.

In case a person has registered for temporary residence but does not live or study. Working at a place where his/her temporary residence is registered, his/her name will be deleted from the temporary residence register.

Register for temporary residence within 30 days from the date of signing the rental contract

2. Detailed procedures for temporary residence registration for tenants

  • Step 1: Prepare documents for temporary residence registration

Before proceeding with temporary residence registration procedures. You need to prepare the registration documents to make the job go faster and more smoothly. Documents for registration of temporary residence for tenants include:

– Demographic declaration

– Notice of change of household registration and demographics

Documents proving that the place you are staying is legal. In case you are approved by the head of household with household registration book or temporary residence book for temporary residence registration, you do not need to present documents on accommodation.

– Cases of borrowing, renting, staying at lawful accommodation when registering for temporary residence. You must give consent for the registration of temporary residence of the lessor, lender, or let-in (innkeeper). On the notice of change of household registration, demographics, sign and clearly write full name and date, month and year.

– Identity card or paper certified by the police of the commune, ward or town where the friend has previously registered for permanent residence.

Application for temporary residence registration
Demographic change declaration form

* About documents proving legal residence for temporary residence registration

According to the provisions of Article 6 of Decree 31/2014/ND-CP, the document proving lawful residence for temporary residence registration is one of the following documents:

Papers on house ownership or house ownership certificates issued by competent authorities over time.

– Documents on residential land use rights (have built houses on the land)

– Contract of sale and purchase of housing (state-owned). Or papers on the price of liquidation of state-owned houses.

Papers on buying, selling, giving, gifting, exchanging or receiving house inheritance, which have been notarized or certified by the commune-level People’s Committee.

There are also:

– A house purchase contract or a document proving that the house has been handed over or has been received from an enterprise with the function of doing business in housing investment and construction for sale.

– Papers on handing over houses of gratitude, houses of great solidarity, houses of compassion, housing grant. Residential land for individuals and households immigrating according to the State’s plan or other subjects.

Papers issued by a competent state administrative agency or a court dealing with house ownership have taken legal effect.

– Proof of registration of boats and ships. Or other vehicles under the ownership and origin of the vehicle used for accommodation.

– Papers certified by the commune-level People’s Committee of the house or residential land with no dispute over house ownership. The right to use residential land if one of the above documents is not available;

* About papers and documents proving the legal lending, leasing, and accommodation

– Document for renting, letting over a house, lending another house, or another house of an organization, agency or individual (in case the document on loan, lease, stay-at-home, or other house of an individual must be notarized or authenticated by the Commune People’s Committee).

– For houses and other houses in centrally run cities. You must have the certification of the commune-level People’s Committee about the average area conditions as prescribed by the People’s Council of the city directly under the central government. At the same time, it must be agreed in writing by the lessor, letting person or lender.

If you do not have one of the documents to prove your legal residence as prescribed, you need to have a written commitment about the accommodation under your right to use and there is no dispute about the right to use.

  • Step 2: Submit application for temporary residence

After preparing the necessary documents. The next step, you submit the application for temporary residence registration for the tenant.

Persons who need to register for temporary residence will submit a dossier at the police station of the commune, ward or township where they are temporarily residing. After receiving the application, the officer will compare with the provisions of the law on residence.

Submit a file at the ward police station

– If the application is complete and valid, the person competent to handle it will write a receipt and give it to the submitter.

– In case the application is eligible, but the application or form component is missing. The declaration documents are not enough or correct. The dossier-receiving officer will give instructions to the applicant to complete.

– In case the application is not eligible. The officer will not receive and reply in writing to the submitter. Also specify the reason for not accepting.

Regarding the time limit for processing temporary residence registration procedures for tenants:

+ Within 2 working days from the date of submission of complete application. Temporary residence registrants will be registered for temporary residence and issued with a temporary residence book.

  • Step 3: The applicant will receive the temporary residence result

– If the temporary residence registration is processed, the registrant will pay the fee and receive the temporary residence book. There is a small note, when receiving the temporary note book, the registrant needs to check the information recorded in the book and sign it in the household registration book. It is necessary to sign and clearly state the full name, date, month and year of receiving the results).

Get a temporary residence book when you are eligible

– In case the temporary residence registration is not resolved, the registrant will receive back the submitted dossier, re-check, documents and papers included in the dossier. At the same time, you will receive a written notice of not processing temporary residence registration. Then sign and receive the household registration monitoring book.

Through the instructions on registering temporary residence for tenants above. Hope you have more useful experiences for yourself. You can also find out more about the procedure for temporary residence registration for foreigners at Aequitas Audit and other procedures. Good luck.

Content Writer – Thanh Thuy

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