Rent a room and 10 certain things to note!

Finding a room to rent is something that most people who have a job or study move to another area need to do. The current rental of rooms has appeared many fraudulent tricks and negative behaviors. Therefore, when you want to rent a room, you should also take certain precautions to preserve the personal interests of the tenant.

Renting a room and the concepts you need to know

1. The concept of inn, room inn

👉This is a concept for houses or facilities that are invested and built for business. These locations are used to provide accommodation and sleepovers for customers. You want to rent, need to pay an agreed fee to use for a certain period of time.

Thuê phòng trọ
Accommodation is a concept for houses or facilities that are invested and built for business.

Inns and rooms are usually built in places facing the street. However, with the current demand, inns are also built in alleys and alleys. In different locations, the rental cost is also different.

2. Renting a room has many different types

👉Depending on the purpose of use as well as your needs, motel rooms are divided into many different types.

Rent a cheap room

As a fairly popular business form, the rental rate is suitable for many different customers. In particular, cheap motel rooms are very suitable for low-income people, freelance workers… However, these cheap motel rooms will contain many different risks.

Cheap accommodation has limitations in terms of room quality, surrounding infrastructure, regional security… The construction site is usually in industrial zones, universities, suburban areas. Rent is usually from 1 million to 3 million / month with an area of 10m2 to 25m2.

Rent a room at an affordable price

Renting a common room is usually suitable for office workers and households with a stable income. Or it can be a group of students – students with economic conditions… These rooms are often located in a beautiful location, convenient to travel.

Thuê phòng trọ
Each form of rental accommodation will have many different prices depending on the location and investment budget.

The price of affordable accommodation ranges from 3.5 million to 6 million/month for an area from 25m2 to 50m2. Usually these rooms will be equipped with the most basic amenities. Many places to rent, you just need to bring things to live.

In addition, the form of rental accommodation also includes serviced apartments, dormitories, and homestays. Each form will have many different prices depending on the location and investment budget.

3. Who are the tenants of the accommodation?

  • Officials and office staff
  • Workers, laborers, tailors…
  • Students…
  • Tourists, business travelers…

What factors does the rental price depend on?

The cost of renting a room depends on a lot of different factors. Typically as

  • Location of motel rooms, inns
  • Transport infrastructure system
  • Utilities around the rental area
  • Quality of accommodation and amenities inside the room
Chi phí thuê phòng trọ phụ thuộc khá nhiều vào các yếu tố khác nhau như vị trí, tiện nghi, tiện ích xung quanh...
The cost of renting an inn depends quite a lot on different factors such as location, amenities, surrounding facilities…

Serviced motel rooms with more amenities or closer to the center will be more expensive to rent.

How to find a room to rent quickly and efficiently?

To find a room to rent quickly, try to find a room based on the following ways

1. Rent a room thanks to the recommendation of people around

If there is a need to rent a room, ask people around to search and introduce. First, you should ask friends and colleagues in the area you need to hire to search. You can then expand your search so that people learn and support you.

Nếu có nhu cầu cần thuê phòng trọ, bạn hãy nhờ mọi người xung quanh tìm kiếm và giới thiệu.
If there is a need to rent a room, please ask people around to search and introduce.

People will search for rooms for rent according to your accommodation needs and financial ability. This is also a good and effective way to find rooms for rent. With hostels recommended by acquaintances, you are also more assured of quality and security.

2. Find accommodation through searching information on the internet

In the age of the internet, finding accommodation information through a few clicks is very easy. However, to find effective room rental, you should remember to choose reputable real estate websites. Typically, the website or can be mentioned…

What should you pay attention to when renting a room on a real estate website?

  • You should look for the latest room rental listings
  • Choose posts that are full of specific information. There must be content about the price, area, surrounding infrastructure, room amenities, etc.
  • Contact information for the tenant must be clear
  • Choose rooms with real illustrations
Để tìm thuê phòng hiệu quả, bạn nhớ lựa chọn những trang website bất động sản uy tín, điển hình có
To find an effective room for rent, remember to choose reputable real estate websites, typically with

In addition, you can also find rooms to rent from different real estate forums and groups.

3. Rent a room by going to the area you want to rent

If you have time, you should go to the inn directly to have a more objective and realistic view.

You can search directly by like

  • Locate the area you want to rent a room, then go to the place to find it
  • Choose the places where there is a notice to rent the room and see the room directly
  • Ask the people living in that area if there are any houses that are in need of a room for rent?
If you have time, you should go to the inn directly to have a more objective and realistic view.

In addition, you can find rooms through the new accommodation center. You only need to pay a service fee, they will find it for you.

Renting a room should immediately grasp the following experiences

To find a room to rent faster, you must know where you need to find a room? What is your desired room rental price? More specifically, please immediately refer to the following room-finding experiences

1. Renting a room should determine the rental area first

You must know which area you need to find a room in? You need to pre-zone where you can rent a room. This makes it easier to find and more efficient. Usually, the rental location you should determine based on different criteria. Like renting near your workplace, renting near schools?

The rental location needs to be convenient for moving from accommodation to work, to school. This will help you save time, travel effort… And in the long run, renting a room like this will be cheaper and more profitable.

2. Renting a room should choose a place with many amenities around

You should choose to rent a room in a place with many amenities around. The most basic must be near the market, supermarket, hospital… If you have small children, you should choose a place near the child’s school.

Thuê phòng trọ
You should choose to rent a room in a place where there are many amenities around such as markets, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

Need to avoid places with many pubs, remote or unsafe areas, especially with female friends. When viewing the house, you should observe whether the surrounding area of the inn is flooded when it rains or not?

3. Find out the cost of renting a room

Room rental price depends on location, area, space. Besides, fully furnished rooms often have higher rents. In addition to the monthly rent, you need to calculate the accompanying costs.

Thuê phòng trọ
In addition to the monthly rent, you need to calculate the accompanying costs.

You need to find out about parking fees, electricity and water bills, internet charges, or cleaning fees… Everything needs to be researched and agreed upon with the landlord. This helps you avoid unexpected costs.

4. You must check the quality of the inn

Should go to the room in the morning, go with friends – not alone. Observe how the quality of the exterior and interior of the room? Because these factors will affect your quality of life later on.

Thuê phòng trọ
How do you observe the quality of the exterior and interior of the room?

Check to see if the wall is cracked. Are the doors and windows locked securely and discreetly? Observe and try to see if the toilet is okay or not? Is the water clean or not?

5. Let’s negotiate the room rental price

You should rely on the actual situation to pay the rent with the landlord. Paying the rent will help you rent the room at the most suitable price.

Rent a room and 10 certain things to note!

1. Negotiate in advance with the person taking you to see the inn

This note is placed first because it helps you to save time on finding a room.

N tokens should know when boarding below critical. Tenants need to set certain criteria for the room they want. You need to imagine what the room should be like, what structure and area it should be. There is also the question of what economic conditions allow you to stay at the price.

Nên thỏa thuận trước về yêu cầu phòng trọ bạn muốn thuê
Should agree in advance on the requirements of the room you want to rent

You should discuss and agree in advance with the tour guide about your search needs. See what needs to be prepared in advance. This will help you and your landlord determine which accommodations will be suitable. In addition, factors such as utilities and amenities near the rental area need what, what essential items are in the room, etc. Please discuss carefully with the person who takes you to see the inn to quickly find a suitable room.

2. Verify that the lessor is the owner

Always make sure that the lessor to sign the rental agreement is the one with the right of ownership. Or a person who has legal capacity to own the house of that motel room. You should not sign a contract with a person when you are not sure if their jurisdiction is allowed to let you rent a room or not.

Hãy luôn chắc chắn rằng người cho thuê để thực hiện ký hợp đồng cho thuê phòng trọ là người có quyền sở hữu.
Always make sure that the lessor to sign the rental agreement is the one with the right of ownership.

Therefore, in the contract, outline a clause related to the right to lease to ensure that it does not affect future problems. And also pay attention to check all documents from the lessor to confirm. This step may seem simple, but caution is paramount.

3. The room has its own entrance

This is an issue that you should pay attention to when looking for accommodation. A separate entrance ensures privacy and convenience for tenants. A motel room located in a deep alley and having to use the same path with another house would be very inconvenient. The private entrance also ensures related conditions such as time, ….

4. Make sure windows and doors are firm – safe an

The case of many motel rooms in the house and closed but still being stolen using sticks to get things is not strange. Therefore, when looking at the inn, you need to see if the doors and windows are securely closed. A room with a loose door will make you live in anxiety and depression.

Phải chắc chắn các cửa trong phòng an toàn
Make sure the doors in the room are secure

To ensure your own safety, it is necessary to carefully examine the windows and doors of the motel room that you intend to rent.

5. The room is cool, clean, and doesn’t smell

Don’t let your rental become a living nightmare when you don’t pay attention to this issue. Guest rooms should always be airy, clean, and odor-free. And especially not leaking or lack of light. Your main living space will still be the inn.

Phòng trọ sạch sẽ giúp bạn sinh hoạt thoải mái hơn
Clean accommodation helps you live more comfortably

So try to create the best space possible. You will never want to try the feeling of living in a shabby place.

6. Should have a separate drying area

Many renters often overlook this. However, the drying area is an important point to note. Imagine how humid a motel room would be if you hung your clothes in the room. That would be a good reason to ask for a motel room with a drying area.

7. Cooking is allowed in the room

A motel room that does not allow cooking in the room with a gas stove is for safety reasons. However, if you ban cooking with an electric stove, you should reconsider. You can’t go to the restaurant all day. Especially with the limited income of students. Eating out can be extremely expensive.

Thuê phòng trọ
You should look for accommodation that allows cooking because you can’t just eat out forever.

Therefore, choose a motel room that allows cooking. And you also have to commit to ensuring fire safety with the landlord to keep the interests of both parties.

8. There are self-contained toilets

Not everyone is comfortable with using shared restrooms with strangers. So find a clean, self-contained toilet and avoid sharing with other motel rooms. The toilet must ensure the above factors to help you have a better living space.

Nhà vệ sinh là một lưu ý nhất định bạn phải quan tâm
The toilet is a definite note you must pay attention to

9. Electricity and water meter must be new, no traces of repair

Surely you will not like being cheated on electricity and water bills at all. Therefore, the water meter must be new, with no traces of repair. This will definitely help you be transparent with your landlord about this part. Avoid unnecessary arguments later. Not only that, being clear about the amount of electricity and water will also help you save a certain amount of money.

10. Pay attention to the contract

This is something that you must read carefully and should ask when you have questions. All terms in the contract will be binding on both parties. After signing the contract, both parties are legally responsible for what was written in the contract.

Rõ ràng trong hợp đồng thuê trọ để đảm bảo quyền lợi
It is clear in the rental contract to ensure benefits

You need to be clear in items such as how long the contract is, the rent, the deposit, the price of electricity and water, the accompanying surcharges, …. And certainly the clause about what penalty if either party violates the contract.

Those are the 10 notes that you should especially pay attention to when renting a room. Hope you will find the right accommodation for you. Don’t forget the extremely reputable website of real estate information as well as rental accommodation always accompanies you.

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