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Renting a house in Hanoi is one of the hottest keywords in real estate. Due to the increasing demand to live, study and work in the capital. It is one of the largest economic centers of our country.

From that need, many questions are raised for tenants. Especially for the majority of young students: Just leaving the family to enter society, there is still a lot of experience lacking. Through this article, Aequitas Audit wants to give you really useful advice.

Renting a house in Hanoi – what is the current price of a room in Ba Dinh district?

The price range of motel rooms in this area updated to the present time is from 2500000 (two million five hundred thousand) VND to 4,000,000 (four million) VND.

Renting a house in Hanoi – tips for renters

Should rent a house in Hanoi

For a developed central city like Hanoi, the standard of living is raised. That means the cost of accommodation will be extremely expensive. And rent is no exception. Therefore, the first criterion that must be set when renting a house is to optimize the price. Finding the right places to rent houses in Hanoi is a wise choice:

thuê nhà hà nội phòng trọ
Finding a suitable accommodation is not easy
  • Firstly, it is possible to save the costs of intermediaries and brokers.
  • Second, it is possible to negotiate with the landlord for a “softer” rent
  • Third, unnecessary troubles can be avoided. In buying and selling, transactions, the fewer intermediary steps, the more benefits consumers get.
  • Fourth, tenants have direct contact and transactions with landlords. That means you will feel more confident and secure. Tenants will have less of a worry about being scammed, losing their deposit, etc.
  • Fifth, can easily communicate and exchange directly with the landlord. Tenants have the opportunity to elevate their living space. When there is damage to electricity and water, it will also be handled promptly.

Don’t be too hasty

You should go see many places, interact with many people. To find a really good place and a really reasonable price. Accommodation is very important, so don’t think about it temporarily. If you are in a hurry, you may miss a place to rent in Hanoi: More comfortable, cheaper rates, or a better host. So be patient, opportunities are always open to those who persistently seek it.

Take care of your real needs

Why do you need to rent a house in Hanoi? Do you rent a house to go to school or work closer? Are you planning to do business at the rental property? Ask detailed questions about your real needs.

And from those questions, you will develop other questions to help you make the right choice when choosing to rent a house in Hanoi.

The questions that appear a lot on the search bar like: Rent a hostel in Hanoi near the University of Science and Technology? Where to rent a whole house in Hanoi? Is it possible to rent a cheap house in Hanoi? Is it more economical to rent an apartment in Hanoi?… These are all questions stemming from actual usage needs.

Is it really worth renting a whole house in Hanoi?

thuê nhà hà nội nguyên căn
Whole house is the optimal choice with many benefits

Renting a whole house is currently the choice of many people because of the benefits it brings:

You will get certain privacy:

Of course, even though this is just a rented house, it’s still a house, not a motel room. You will not have to share with others utilities such as: Bathroom, toilet, living room, kitchen, drying yard, washing machine, …

After a day of studying and hard work, you will need a quiet space to rest. When working, too, a private space will give you an absolute focus on work. And of course that comes with the same work efficiency. Think about it, in the middle of a complicated, noisy inn. There may also be the cries and play of children. So what is your ability to focus on work?

On the contrary, when you have a free weekend: You want to enjoy the rare day off by watching movies at a loud volume like in the theater. Or you want to relieve stress by playing a really good song and dancing and singing. But that is not possible if you are renting with many people. Because sometimes people just want to rest in a quiet space. So that helps them regain their energy after a hard week.

You will have a much more spacious and comfortable living space than renting an apartment

For the motel rooms, utilities will not be invested much in equipment. But for the whole house for rent, the investor is willing to spend some money to buy furniture, sofa, wooden bed, kitchen shelf, … to attract tenants. You will not have to spend a lot of time buying or repairing anything, just move in and live. How convenient is that, right?

The optimal choice when renting a whole house in Hanoi if you have a family

thuê nhà hà nội gia đình
Renting a whole house is suitable for a large family

For couples, privacy is still the top priority. Especially when there are small children, finding a living space to help them develop the best is what every parent wants. A boarding house with a lot of complicated people is by no means a good and safe environment to raise children.

Think about it, if you rent a motel room next to a family with an alcoholic husband, the next room is full of swearing. Whether it is more or less will have a bad effect on your child. And it’s also hard to stop someone else’s behavior when it doesn’t break the law.

Problems faced when renting a whole house

The benefits are many, but at the same time, the cost of renting a house in Hanoi is still a problem that causes many people a headache. Really with the average income of the majority of Vietnamese people: The amount of money to rent a whole house right in the heart of the capital is not small.

thuê nhà hà nội tiền
Finding a house to rent requires a lot of consideration in terms of price

Firmly grasp the terms of the contract when renting a house in Hanoi

This is the last thing we want to remind you of. Society will always have good people and bad people. The attitude of always being alert and taking a little precaution to protect your interests is something you should equip.

Before signing, take the time to carefully read each and every term of the contract. What is not clear, must ask again until you get a reasonable answer.

Must be accompanied by legal documents proving ownership. At that time, the new rental contract has legal validity. In buying and selling, everything needs to be clear and transparent.

Looking for a genuine, reputable, quality rental house in Hanoi?

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