Renting a house in Hanoi: What should you pay attention to?

Renting a house in Hanoi: What should you pay attention to?

Renting a house in Hanoi is an activity that has always remained vibrant thanks to the large number of people living and working. Recently, despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the demand for rental housing in Hanoi is still increasing. However, if you are a renter at this time, you need to be careful to avoid “losing money”. Let’s find out with about the notes when looking for rent in Hanoi!

What to pay attention to when looking for rent in Hanoi?

There have been many people who fell into the situation of “losing money” when renting a house, but looked it over and signed a contract. To avoid unnecessary risks, you need to learn the important issues when renting a house. Specifically:

Precautions when contacting and transacting in Hanoi

The strong development of the service industry has led to the appearance of many “intermediate” trading units. Also known as a broker or a “stork”. To avoid being pushed up the rent and spend too much money on this service, even being scammed, you should find reputable brokers. Especially those who deal directly with you must ensure requirements such as:

  • The third party needs a certificate of ownership of the rental property and other legal documents to prove that they are qualified to decide on the home.
  • Traders need to get identity cards or other identification documents to ensure. When there is any dispute, these documents will be used to ask for the intervention of the competent authorities.
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Take precautions when contacting and making transactions with the lessor

Check the condition of the house before signing the contract

Before officially signing the contract, you should also learn about other legal information of the house. For example, is the house subject to planning? Is there any dispute in the house?… In addition, you should also check and carefully consider the actual condition of the house. Some general issues of the house that you need to evaluate are:

  • Are the walls of the house secure? Are there cracks or cracks on the wall? If there are any unusual problems, you need to immediately report them to the landlord to find a solution.
  • The main door must be thick, solid, not damaged, with a full lock and latch. The important thing of a house is that the main door must be guarded to prevent theft, robbery, loss of things or crooks sneaking into the house.
  • The room must have a window or door for ventilation and a roof to prevent water splashing. The room needs to be airy, not too stuffy or humid. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the health of the owner.
  • Are the water pipes and faucets leaking or broken or clogged? Is the water quality good (look closely through the watercolor)? If the water color is dirty, yellow or cloudy, it is not good for personal activities.
  • Check power lines and connections. Use an electric tester to check it carefully so that it is not life-threatening.
  • The spaces in the room are clearly divided. For example, the drying area must be sunny, have a cooking area and a private bathroom.
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Check the condition of the house before signing the contract

Carefully study the rental contract and related legal regulations

After choosing a house you like, you need to pay attention to the contract and procedures for renting a house in Hanoi. You should read and carefully study the items, terms, requirements in the rental agreement, etc. From there, promptly make a request for correction if you find any unsatisfactory issues. The two parties should also discuss and agree with each other on the terms of the contract. The basic content of a rental agreement usually includes the following:

  • Information of lessor and lessee.
  • Contract term.
  • Terms related to money. From the value of the deposit, how to return it, the problem of canceling the contract. Until the problem of the landlord taking back the house before the contract term, …
  • Terms related to costs. From electricity, water, garbage, internet. The person responsible for repairing damage during the rental process, etc. If you rent an apartment, you need to clearly see the costs. For example: management costs, maintenance fees, reception, area lighting, etc.
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Carefully study the rental contract and related legal regulations

Legal regulations on rental contracts in Hanoi

According to article 495 of the Civil Code, the lessee has the following rights and obligations:

Obligations of the Tenant

  • Use the house for the agreed purpose.
  • Pay the rent in full on the agreed term.
  • Take care of the house, repair the damage caused by yourself.
  • Respect the rules of public life.
  • Return the house to the lessor according to the agreement.

Tenant’s rights

  • Get a rental house according to the agreement.
  • To exchange the house being rented with another tenant, if the lessor agrees in writing.
  • To sublease the currently rented house, if the lessor agrees in writing.
  • To continue renting under the terms agreed with the lessor, in case of change of owner.
  • Request the lessor to repair the house being rented in case the house is badly damaged.

The lessee has the right to unilaterally terminate the performance of the tenancy agreement. When the lessor commits one of the following acts:

  • Do not repair the house when the quality of the house is seriously degraded.
  • Unreasonable rent increase.
  • The right to use the house is restricted due to the benefit of a third person.
  • The party unilaterally terminating the performance of the rental contract must notify the other party one month in advance, unless otherwise agreed.

According to Article 496 of the Civil Code, the lessor has the following rights and obligations:

Obligations of the lessor

  • Hand over the house to the lessee according to the contract.
  • Ensure the tenant stable use of the house during the lease term.
  • Maintenance and repair of the house periodically or as agreed. If the lessor fails to maintain or repair the house, causing damage to the lessee, it must compensate.

Rights of the lessor

  • Receive full rent on time as agreed.
  • Renovating and upgrading the rental house when agreed by the lessee. However, do not cause trouble for the lessee to use the accommodation.
  • To get back the rental house when the lease term has expired. If the contract does not specify a lease term, the lessor who wants to take back the house must notify the lessee 6 months in advance.

The lessor has the right to unilaterally terminate the performance of the rental contract. When the lessee commits one of the following acts:

  • Failure to pay rent in a row for three months or more without good reason.
  • Using the house for improper purposes.
  • Deliberately causing serious damage to the house.
  • Repair, exchange or sublease all or part of the house being rented without the written consent of the lessor.
  • Disturbing public order many times and seriously affecting the normal activities of people around.
  • Serious impact on environmental sanitation.
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When signing, both parties must be responsible for properly performing the rights and obligations in the contract

Termination of housing rental contract

Article 499 of the Civil Code stipulates that a house lease contract shall terminate in the following cases:

  • The lease term has expired, if the contract does not specify the lease term, the contract will terminate after 6 months. From the date the lessor notifies the lessee of the claim.
  • The rental is no longer available.
  • The tenant died and no one lived with him.
  • The rental house must be demolished due to severe damage and the risk of collapse. Or due to the implementation of the construction planning of the State.

Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when renting a house in Hanoi. Hopefully, these useful information will help you feel more secure in each of your decisions. Don’t forget to visit regularly for more information!

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