Renting a mini apartment in Hanoi: What is a good place in the summer…

Renting a mini apartment has never been easy

Mini apartment is a new type of real estate, specializing in rental. Developed in major cities, it quickly gained wide acceptance. Because it offers an affordable option with good amenities.

If you are looking to rent an apartment but are worried about the epidemic situation, read this article right away. News Aequitas Audit will help you get the best options.

What is a mini apartment?


Chung cư mini là những căn hộ nhỏ, nhưng được trang bị tiện ích đầy đủ
Mini apartments are small apartments, but fully equipped with utilities

Mini apartments are small apartments, with an area of about 30m2. Usually, it is built by individuals, dividing the house into many small apartments like rooms in a family. Then rent it out. These apartments are usually not allowed for sale.

Who often rents mini apartments?

Currently, there are many places to rent mini apartments in Hanoi. Customers of this type of rental housing are students, single workers or households with affordable economic conditions.

With the necessary facilities for life, mini apartments help a lot for everyone. It will help people get a good place to stay at an affordable price.

Renting a mini apartment in Hanoi – Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good security.
  • There are many basic conveniences in life.
  • Mini apartments often have elevators, security guards, and spacious parking spaces.
  • Mini apartments are often located in beautiful locations, convenient for moving and commuting.
  • When renting a mini apartment in Hanoi, customers will get a more modern living space with a smart division.
  • In a mini apartment there are usually several different pieces of furniture. Such as refrigerators, water heaters… It will make the lives of customers more comfortable.
Loại hình nhà cho thuê này có nhiều ưu điểm
This type of rental house has many advantages

Because of these advantages, places for rent mini apartments in Hanoi are sought after by many people. Because it meets the basic needs of tenants.


The current mini-apartment still makes a lot of people shy when looking for it. That’s because the price of a mini apartment is much higher than that of a regular apartment. However, this is reasonable compared to the convenience it brings to tenants.

Important notes when looking for a mini apartment for rent

Currently, there are many mini apartments for rent built, developed and rented in Hanoi. However, not every project is good and suitable for customers’ needs.

Below, News Aequitas Audit will help you with some important notes. Take a look now to find a room to rent faster and more efficiently.

  • Only focus on finding homes in reputable classifieds channels.
  • You should clearly define your needs and financial conditions. From there, it’s easy to find a product that suits your needs.
  • Pay attention to what area you want to find a home in. From there, it is easy to find Ha Dong mini apartment for rent, the most suitable My Dinh mini apartment for rent..
  • Before signing the contract, you should pay close attention to the home, and read the terms clearly stated.
  • The apartment lease contract should be notarized carefully to ensure the rights and obligations of both parties.

Where is the fastest place to find a mini apartment?

Now, finding a house to rent has become much simpler. That’s because we have diverse advertising channels. At the same time, there are many different social networks and groups for searching.

However, not all channels have quality, clearly verified posts. Therefore, you need to filter information sources carefully. là kênh tuyệt vời cho bạn khi tìm nhà is a great channel for you when looking for a home

If you are wondering how to find information about cheap mini apartments for rent in Hanoi here, please visit right away. As the leading real estate transaction channel today, we bring you a lot of useful information.

In particular, News Aequitas Audit has a lot of intelligent information screening functions. Thanks to them, you can easily compare and evaluate. From there, quickly get a rental location that best suits your needs.

The benefits you get when looking for a mini apartment rental with

  • provides a diverse and completely free information platform.
  • All information on is moderated before posting. Thereby, limiting the situation of posting fake news.
  • Whether you want to find a place to rent a mini apartment in Cau Giay or anywhere, Aequitas Audit can help you filter and select information easily.
  • With the tools of Aequitas Audit, you can find the rental location with the most suitable price.

It is for these reasons that is the classifieds channel for you. You should pay attention to refer to to find homes, make real estate transactions quickly and efficiently.

Introducing a few places to rent mini apartments for customers during the epidemic season

Apartment 25m2 – 20th floor in Hoang Liet

This is a 25m2 apartment located on the 20th floor with a beautiful view to the southeast. With a rental price of only 2 million (without intermediaries), this is one of the mini-apartments that are attracting a lot of attention in Hanoi.

Căn hộ này có vị trí toạ lạc tuyệt đẹp
This apartment has a great location

The room has basic furniture. The amenities are also fully equipped. Therefore, you can safely rent a house here without worry.

Room information:

  • Address: Hoang Liet – Hoang Mai.
  • Phone number: 0981 454 366

40m2 apartment in Hoang Mai district

This apartment is located right on Nguyen Chinh street. Thanks to that, it makes moving and commuting to neighboring areas very simple. Thanks to that, students or working people can enjoy a comfortable life here.

Currently, this mini apartment is fully equipped with basic amenities and furniture. Customers can move in immediately without any difficulty.

Room information:

  • Address: No. 12 lane 143/74/24 Nguyen Chinh street – Hoang Mai district.
  • Phone number: 0986 456 672.
  • Mini apartment area: from 30 to 40m2.
  • Rent: from 2.5 to 3 million.

Fully furnished apartment located right next to Big C Tran Duy Hung

This mini apartment has a total usable area of 30m2 with fully equipped facilities. From here, the movement of people is very simple. Customers can go to Keangnam, My Dinh, Cau Giay quickly.

The room is spaciously designed, especially suitable for single people, young couples. In particular, the security of the building is highly appreciated thanks to the fingerprint lock, magnetic card, 24/24 security guard. Thanks to that, you can feel secure about your life when staying here.

  • Rent: 3.9 million/month.
  • Contact phone: 0333971585.

Rent a fully furnished mini apartment in Cau Giay – Nam Tu Liem

If you are studying and working in Cau Giay area, Nam Tu Liem, this is a good choice. With an area of 32m2, this room has been fully equipped with essentials for life. Such as air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, washing machine, separate kitchen, kitchen table, hood… In particular, the dining table as well as the bookshelf of the apartment have also been fully arranged, convenient for life.

Từ đây bạn có thể nhanh chóng di chuyển đến nhiều nơi
From here you can quickly move to many places

Located right in the area of Le Quang Dao street, the location of this apartment is very convenient for commuting and moving. People can quickly travel to a variety of other areas in the city. From there, making going to work more convenient.

  • Address: Le Quang Dao Street – Me Tri Ward – Nam Tu Liem District.
  • Area: 32m2.
  • Payment method: 1 month deposit, 1 month payment.
  • Contact phone: 0333971885.


Thus, you have the necessary information about renting a mini apartment in Hanoi. These addresses will help you have a good place to stay during the Covid 19 pandemic. If you need further advice, please contact for advice and support.

Content Writer – Yến Thy

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