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Rmit dormitory is the most modern dormitory in Vietnam

Rmit Saigon dormitory is the most famous and modern student dormitory in Vietnam. In particular, around here there are many facilities for students. If you are looking for a home in the area, this article by Aequitas Audit is for you. Read on to get all the information you need.

Reasons you should rent a house near Rmit . Dormitory

Rmit Vietnam dormitory since its construction has been an outstanding work. It is notable for its wonderful, hard-to-find amenities. In particular, this dormitory is also located in the busiest and most modern area in Saigon at this time.

KTX Rmit nằm ở khu vực hiện đại với hạ tầng tốt
Rmit KTX is located in a modern area with good infrastructure

While living here, students enjoy many benefits. Such as diverse services or convenient and easy transportation infrastructure.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to rent houses around the dormitory of Rmit University. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find a place that suits them.

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Residential rental addresses near Rmit . dormitory

Below, we will introduce you to the rental addresses around the Rmit KTX area. Take a look and choose for yourself a suitable address.

Midtown 89m2 apartment with 2 bedrooms

Located right in Phu My Hung urban area, this apartment owns many formidable external facilities. Located facing the South, this apartment has a beautiful location so it is cool all year round.

Căn hộ này rộng rãi với 2 phòng ngủ lớn
This apartment is spacious with 2 large bedrooms

With 2 bedrooms, it is suitable for families. In particular, people who work, students can also rent this apartment as a place to study and live. It will help you get the perfect space to enjoy the top-notch amenities of the city.

  • Contact to rent the apartment: 0906385299.

Happy Valley Apartment Phu My Hung

This apartment is located right on Nguyen Van Linh street with luxurious and modern design. Next to this apartment is a high-class entertainment and entertainment area. There, everyone can enjoy the most wonderful facilities.

Bạn có thể thuê nhà tại đây để tận hưởng những tiện ích tuyệt vời
You can rent a house here to enjoy great facilities tiện

In particular, thanks to its location, this project has a very quiet space. It will help people easily enjoy the most wonderful moments after a tiring day of work and study.

  • LH: 0914 241 221.

Scenic Valley apartment – near Rmit . dormitory

This apartment has all the necessary furniture for life. In particular, the house has smart infrastructure, helping to save living costs to the maximum.

Scenic Valley là một dự án được nhiều người chú ý
Scenic Valley is a project that is getting a lot of attention

From this apartment complex, people can easily move to many different locations in the city. From there, enjoy a comfortable life in the “rich” area of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Contact: 0915213434 PHONG

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Cheap mini apartments near Rmit . Dormitory

Around this area, finding a cheap house is not easy. If you are worried, choose this apartment.

This is a new mini apartment built recently. With a usable area of 23m2, it is cleverly designed. From there, it is easy to arrange the necessary amenities to have a good living space.

Đây cũng là một căn nhà nên thuê
This is also a house to rent

For only 4 million, this is a perfect choice for everyone. You can immediately contact the phone number below to find out about this room.

  • Mr. Su: 0906358216

Sunrise Riverside

This project is located right near the Rmit hostel. It is built with beautiful view, large balcony. Along with that is the open living space, full of vitality.

When renting this apartment, everyone will get the best options to enjoy life. From there, experience the most modern amenities of the city at this time.

Sunrise Riverside
Sunrise Riverside has many quality apartments for rent

With an area of 83m2, this apartment is divided into 2 bedrooms, 1 living room. Basic furniture is available. If you need to rent this apartment, please contact the number below to find out.

  • Contact: 0944636261 – Mr. YEN.

Hung Vuong apartment near Rmit . Dormitory

This is one of the apartments with quite cheap rent. If you are looking for affordable housing near the Rmit campus, this is a must-see.

With only 10 million, you will rent Hung Vuong apartment with an area of up to 74m2. This is a smart apartment with a 2-bedroom design. There is already a very well-developed infrastructure. From there, bringing great benefits to everyone’s development and enjoyment of life.

Căn hộ Hưng Vượng cũng là một lựa chọn không tồi
Hung Vuong apartment is also a good choice

In particular, despite the affordable price, this apartment inherits all the amenities of Phu My Hung area. The basic furniture is also complete. People can move in right away without any preparation.

  • Contact for viewing: Ms. Letter – 0914 241 221.

Scenic Valley apartment 110m2

In case you are looking for a house to rent for the whole family, you can prioritize this address. This is a high-class Scenic Valley apartment with an area of up to 110m2. With smart design, all 3 bedrooms of the apartment are very airy and spacious.

Gia đình lớn có thể lựa chọn căn hộ rộng 110m2 này
Large families can choose this 110 square meter apartment

Currently, this apartment is fully furnished with necessary furniture. Such as lighting system, electricity and water system, television, air conditioner, air conditioner… For only 25 million, you will have a place to live for your extended family right in the busy area of Saigon.

  • Contact for viewing: Mai Ha – 0906 385 229.

Sky Garden 2 apartment near Rmit . dormitory

With an area of 71m2, this apartment is suitable for young single people or newlyweds, small families. With a rental price of 11 million/month, this is the choice for everyone when looking for an affordable project right near the Rmit KTX.

  • Contact for viewing – Ms Mai – 0944 256 160 256
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This project also gives you a good place to live

How to find a house near Rmit KTX the fastest?

Currently, there are many places for rent around District 7. But how to find a house near Rmit KTX? Read the information below.

Determine your financial capabilities

Around the Rmit KTX area, housing prices are at a high level. Because this is an area of economic development, many rich people focus on living.

Therefore, you should pay attention to clearly determine your financial ability. From there, it is easy to find a suitable house, mini apartment.

Finance is always an important factor when renting a house!

Visit to find homes near Rmit Dormitory

Finding houses and rooms will become much simpler with classifieds channels. Currently, is a professional channel in the field of real estate classifieds.

Hãy tìm nhà cùng với Aequitas Audit để có những lợi ích lớn nhất nhé
Find a home with Aequitas Audit for the greatest benefits

When you visit Aequitas Audit, you can access the latest postings. From there, quickly find housing that suits your needs.

In particular, Aequitas Audit is currently providing information and data to users completely free of charge. People can find a house without paying a middleman.

The benefits of finding a home near Rmit Dormitory with Mog

  • Get new sources of information quickly and accurately.
  • Easy access to information with a friendly interface.
  • Aequitas Audit has many filtering features, helping people find the best relevant posts.

So, quickly visit Aequitas Audit to get useful information. They will help your house search a lot.


With this information, we have helped you know where to rent rooms near Rmit Dormitory. If you have any need, please contact us immediately for advice and support. Aequitas Audit will help you get the best place to stay.

Content Writer – Lan Nguyen

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