Sell Vung Tau house for 500 to 600 million and note…

Not everyone is lucky enough to find an apartment that suits their needs

Selling a house in Vung Tau for 500 to 600 million is information that is being sought a lot. It is easy to see that the real estate market in Vung Tau is heating up. The purchase and sale of real estate in ward 11 Vung Tau and other wards in the city is also increasingly exciting. Find out what to keep in mind when investing in this segment with Aequitas Audit.

Selling a house in Vung Tau for 500 to 600 million – What should I pay attention to when buying?

Bán nhà Vũng Tàu giá 500 đến 600

Selling Vung Tau house for 500 to 600 million; House for sale in Vung Tau for 800 million; Level 4 house in Vung Tau need to sell quickly and cheaply; Selling house level 4, Ward 10, Vung Tau with the cheapest price; Selling house in Ward 2 Vung Tau for 800 million bags to name; Selling houses in front of Vung Tau from only 700 million;…

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find such attractive Vung Tau homes for sale. However, before deciding to buy, sell or invest. We need to consider and find out some information about the house we are aiming for.

Selling Vung Tau house for 500 to 600 million – when buying, you should pay attention to planning information tin

You need to know if the house or land you intend to buy is in the planning or project. If you only see papers and red books. Even if you consult a notary at the notary public’s office; It is also not possible to collect complete information about the property to be purchased.

Either the seller or the broker is likely to provide false information. Or sometimes there will be cases where the seller does not know that their house or land is in the planning area. This can be explained by planning hanging for too long.

Bán nhà Vũng Tàu giá 500 đến 600 1

In principle, you will not be able to transfer, buy or sell if the house or land is in the planning. If you do not have enough information, you will easily sign a notarized purchase and sale contract. After the payment is completed, even if it is discovered, it is not possible to request a change of name.

The way to avoid this risk is to bring a copy of the red book to the district People’s Committee office. I have a house and land to request information.

The People’s Committee will guide and process your request. Or direct you to the responsible department . The place will give you information about this planning.

This solution depends on the management of each People’s Committee. Because some places have also established their own departments; In order to provide feedback on planning and project information to the people.

Litigation information is also something to learn when buying and selling Vung Tau houses for 500 to 600 million VND

For major disputes, you will be able to easily obtain information in various ways, such as local request, information search on the Internet, on TV.

But there are still many disputes, conflicts that are difficult to see and can only be discovered after purchase. Like roads, fences, conflicts with water drainage… with neighbors, or sometimes just petty conflicts.

Conflict issues like these are a bit complicated. You have to take the time to learn from your neighbors about the house and land you intend to buy. In addition, you can also ask the People’s Committee of the neighborhood or commune where the land is located for information about these conflicts.

Mortgage information

If the land has a mortgage red book, you can tell by looking at cover 4 or 3. You will find mortgage information on these pages. Or maybe the mortgage fact sheet is attached . Between this sheet and the red book there is a cadastral stamp.

In case the seller wants to hide mortgage information, you will also easily detect it. When observed, on the red book will only have half of the seal in a certain corner.

In addition, you can also look up bank mortgage information at real estate notary offices. Through the photocopy of the red book.

Usually, this lookup is free. However, this search can only detect the form of mortgage through the bank. If it is a “hot” mortgage for individuals, credit institutions, usury lenders; So the traceability of the land will be much more difficult.

In fact, the use of red books as collateral for hot loans and usury has a significant impact on the purchase, sale and use of houses and land. . Especially when the seller mortgages not only one place but many places.

Learn about the audience you will be dealing with

If the seller is the owner ; In addition to finding information about mortgages, disputes, contacts and transactions ; You need to care about their reliability and honesty.

If the seller or buyer is a broker or intermediary who deals with you , it does not matter whether that person is an individual or an employee of a real estate company.

Many private brokers have a lot of incentives for their clients. In addition, the cost may also be lower than real estate agents. A real estate company is a legal entity anyway, so it can give you peace of mind.

What are the steps to take when buying and selling a house in Vung Tau for 500 to 600 million?

Bán nhà Vũng Tàu giá 500 đến 600 3

Prepare notarized documents

When signing a notarized contract, the real estate notary office will check all original documents of the parties. Thus, the parties can also be supported by a notary to verify documents.

Perform the step of signing the contract, delivering money, papers and the original red book

The two parties go to the real estate notary office to sign the sale and transfer contract. Once the signing is complete, the transaction is in theory complete and effective. However, in fact, most of the buyers have not yet delivered the money, and the sellers have not yet delivered the original red book.

The notarized contract is the most important and effective legal basis for the sale, purchase and transfer of real estate and is also one of the main documents in the procedure for transferring the name of the Red Book. Therefore, the parties should be careful when handing over notarized contracts without principal and red book.

Change the name of the red book to complete the purchase and sale process

The transfer of the red book name at the real estate notary office will bring certain advantages. As the legal process is simplified, the burden of missing documents is reduced as all documents are readily available. In addition, the real estate notary office also knows what documents you need and how many copies you need to complete the procedure.

In addition, real estate notary offices have the ability to contact land registration offices more conveniently and easily than in other places. At the same time, the cost of transferring the name is also lower when you work elsewhere (like a lawyer). There are real estate notary offices that also cooperate with lawyers and law firms, so in many cases it is no different from hiring a lawyer.

Which option for those who want to buy and sell Vung Tau houses for 500 to 600 million?

Multi-family housing is becoming a fairly popular option in the Vung Tau real estate market. This is also a housing model for those who are interested in buying and selling Vung Tau houses for 500 to 600 million.

The most common types are duplexes or apartments. Here are the reasons to choose to buy this type of housing:

Affordable cost

In fact, the price of duplex apartments or condominiums is much cheaper than other real estate segments. You can get a loan with low mortgage interest rates and low deposit amounts. This is the type of property that suits most people’s income level.

Low risk

The two main reasons why investing in multifamily housing is less risky is that you don’t have to spend so much money up front; And the demand for this type of housing is still very high and will continue in the future. If you find a home in a good location, you won’t have to worry too much about your investment.

Good location overall

Currently, these types of apartments are often built in prime locations, but not so beautiful in big cities. In addition, suburban apartments are also popular with convenient and cool transportation systems.

These factors are driving more people to settle in the suburbs, especially in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic threatening people’s health.

Stable income

The recent NCREIF Real Estate Index shows an average cash flow from apartment investments of 8.53%. This is a stable rate compared to many other types in the real estate market. In addition to stability, investors can also maintain long-term with low maintenance costs.

Tax benefits

There are many advantages to owning these types of real estate, including taxes. Owning this property allows you to reduce many expenses, especially personal income taxes.

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