Aequitas combines industry experience, deep regulatory knowledge and an investigative approach to helping our clients effectively respond identify and understand compliance issues relating mortgage origination, servicing, foreclosure and securitization.

Forensic and Investigative Services

Aequitas provides forensic audit services that allow attorneys, institutions, investors and regulators of actual or potential mortgage- and securities-related violations, as well as the potential remedies available. Our team utilizes sophisticated forensic techniques and advanced proprietary technologies to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time. We are skilled at predatory lending and other consumer credit compliance issues, evidence discovery and in reconstructing securitization transaction to uncover essential facts.

Litigation Support

Aequitas Litigation Support provides counsel with the financial and regulatory expertise to unravel the complex issues involved in all phases of the litigation process on a broad range of mortgage-related matters, including predatory lending, abusive servicing and issues relating to securities or other secondary market transactions. Our expertise in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting mortgage and securities data equips counsel, arbitrators, management, and others with the intelligence necessary to quickly make informed decisions. Our professionals are experienced in providing litigation support services and/or expert witness testimony.

Regulatory Compliance

Aequitas also provides regulators and internal auditors proprietary technology tools to assist in validating the efficacy of origination and servicing practices. Aequitas assists it clients in developing and implementing effective regulatory compliance programs, which covers fair lending laws, fee limitations, licensing rules, and other requirements. Our engagements typically provide strategic planning, program evaluation and enhancement, structure and staffing review, risk assessment and enhancing risk controls.

Due Diligence

Aequitas’ Due Diligence practice leverages our proprietary technologies to evaluate loan pools, portfolios or mortgage lending institutions for violations of predatory lending and other consumer credit laws and regulations. The result is a precise and consistent analysis of an entire universe of loans, as opposed to a sample, at a cost and speed that is impossible for traditional, labor-intensive diligence firms to replicate.

Court- or Regulator-Appointed Monitoring

Aequitas is qualified to act as court-appointed monitors, to monitor compliance with consent-decrees and court orders to remedy weak or deficient origination, servicing, foreclosure processing and trustee services. We have have decades of experience dealing with non-compliance with all applicable laws, as well as all forms of Pooling & Servicing Agreements. We possess deep expertise in interfacing with federal and state court systems around the issues that such activity raises.