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District 7 is currently one of the most attractive areas to live in Ho Chi Minh City. In this article, Aequitas Audit would like to share some experiences to help you find an apartment in District 7 as easily as you want!

Reasons to rent a house in District 7

hạ tầng quận 7
District 7 owns an extremely developed transport infrastructure system

Convenient traffic location

District 7 borders District 4 and it only takes about 10 minutes to go to the city center area such as District 1, District 3, District 7 roads are also few cars and convenient in commuting. This is the first plus point when living in this area and also the reason why many students and people go to work.

Modern living facilities

ha tang co so quan 7 phat trien
District 7 is considered as “Singapore Vietnam”

No wonder District 7 is likened to “Singapore Vietnam” when there are many modern living facilities around such as high-class apartment projects, shopping centers, restaurants, quality school systems, etc. High quality with green environment. District 7 is truly an extremely livable area for anyone.

Reasonable and affordable price

Although there are many modern living facilities, a healthy living environment and a convenient traffic location, the rent in District 7 is also very diverse, not just completely expensive. If you are a foreigner living or working in the city or successful people, you can rent high-class apartments or whole houses with high prices, while if you are a student or a small family with an average income. then you can still rent motel rooms, whole houses in alleys with more reasonable prices from 2 million to 7 million/month, etc.

How much is the current rental price of a motel in District 7?

The price of renting a motel in District 7 depends on the type of house you live in and the location of the accommodation. If you live alone or share, you can find small rooms under 20 square meters with prices ranging from 1.5 million to 2.5 million/month. Or if you want to save money and be comfortable, you can choose to rent the whole house and then divide the room. With the price from about 8 to 15 million / month, you can also rent a whole house in District 7 in the alley.

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Experience to help you find cheap accommodation in District 7

phong tro quan 7 3
Look carefully at the room before deciding
  • Renting an inn in the alley: As one of the areas with the highest quality of life in the city, the high rent in District 7 is understandable. To be able to find cheap motel rooms here, you must accept to rent in the alleys to get a better price. However, it is an alley, but if you know how to search, you will still be able to rent a motel room in very clean, spacious and quiet alleys.
  • Find roommates: This is the way many students choose to both save on rent costs and have friends and support in daily life.
  • Don’t wait : Before deciding whether to rent this room or not, take some time to research other similar motels nearby to see what the average price is. Based on that, you can negotiate with the landlord to get a cheaper rental rate and avoid being “spoiled”.

Some other notes when renting a cheap motel room in District 7

  • Be aware of traffic problems, see if your area is often congested during rush hours and if there are shortcuts to move if traffic jams or not. If you are a student, choose a place to stay near bus stops for your daily commute.
  • Negotiate and sign a contract/commitment when renting a house.
  • Carefully discuss with the landlord about the deposit, rent and how to calculate related fees such as electricity, water, sanitation, … before moving in. And it is best to have a written commitment or contract documenting these agreements.
  • Pay attention to whether the motel’s parking space is safe.
  • If possible, take some time to “learn” about the neighbors near where you rent because they will affect your comfort in the process of living there.

An Nguyen – Aequitas Audit

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