The experience of buying an old house helps buyers lock in a good price

Old house buying experience : The topic is not too new, but it always wins the attention of buyers and investors. Take notes with Aequitas Audit about the “golden secrets” when going to see old houses. To close and buy a house at a price that is not overpriced and still profitable!

Old house buying experience – The topic is not new, but why is it interested by many people?

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The experience of buying an old house is very common information shared on real estate buying and selling channels. Although nowadays there are many articles and topics discussing and sharing a lot of information on this issue. But the articles sharing the experience of buying and selling old houses are still very interested by investors and home buyers.

The reason why so many people are interested in information about the experience of buying an old house; The main reason is because Vietnam’s population is currently at a high level and continues to grow. Many families have no economic conditions, so they agree to buy old houses to reduce costs.

However, any property that is accepted to buy back at a cheap price is at risk of being overpriced or buying the wrong product of poor quality. This is no exception to the purchase of an old home. Therefore, buyers need to equip themselves with the experience of buying and selling old houses . To minimize the risk of being scammed causing damage to yourself and your family.

What should buyers pay attention to before buying an old house?

The location of the old house is the first thing to pay attention to in the experience of buying an old house

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This is not just the experience of buying an old house or the experience of buying an old apartment building ; But also experience when buying apartments , buying real estate in general. Because your family’s life in the future is favorable or not depends a lot on the location of the house.

Before deciding to buy this house, buyers must determine if this location is suitable for their children’s work, school, etc.? In addition, the location should be near markets, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, entertainment and entertainment venues, … because everything will affect the life of your own family.

Many people ignore these factors and after buying a house there will be many difficulties and inconveniences. N work away from home, the roads around the house or traffic jams; Or the school is too far from home, etc. In the end, they are forced to sell their new house and move to another place. Affects a lot of daily activities and mainly affects work.

The direction of the house is also an important note in the experience of buying an old house

Must check the direction of the house carefully before buying. Because for a long time, grandparents believed that breaking into the house would affect luck; As well as the health and blessings of family members. Therefore, when buying a house, whether buying an old house or buying land to build a house, we also need to pay attention to the direction of the house.

The direction of the house is decided by the age of the head of the household (the breadwinner in the family) to determine the direction suitable for the age of the householder. Help to meet the sand, all things are favorable, even if they meet evil, they will also turn into good. Don’t be too excited when deciding to buy a new home that ignores the home orientation factor.

A house direction in accordance with feng shui will contribute to bringing luck and fortune to family members. Not only about family religion, health; Even the money and love lines will be extremely favorable. Saying so to see that the direction of the house can determine the fate of the whole family.

Find out all information related to the house, not only legal issues

This is the experience of buying apartments and is applicable to ordinary houses. Investigating the home’s history means that the buyer must determine if the owner is involved in debt or litigation . Does the home’s history relate to a bank mortgage or mortgage ?

Or related to idealistic issues such as having had a fire; Or the previous owner failed in business or has animosity with someone, etc. If you come across houses with such history; The main thing to do is to stay as far away as possible and don’t be greedy for beautiful houses.

In addition, when buying a cheap old morgue, you should also note that when the price is too cheap compared to the current common ground, buyers also need to note this. One of the reasons is the lack of clear administrative procedures, the issuance of common red books or other legal obligations.

Another thing to keep in mind is to check the progress to determine if the house is being planned or cleaned. Best before buying, you should borrow red book, house papers; To check if the house has any planning problems or disputes. Does the previous owner have the opportunity to expand the area encroaching on the road?…

Learn carefully about the characteristics of the population and the surrounding environment to get an overview

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The living environment will always affect the quality of human life in the long run. In an environment where human standards are high, communities are united; And have a generally disciplined lifestyle: You’ll have some peace of mind.

But if the population has low culture, low educational level; And social evils combine. You should stay away because there is no guarantee of a safe life for your family or children.

Surveying the system of works and factories around the residence

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but this is never superfluous. Learning about the buildings and infrastructure around the house is also an experience of buying an old house to note. Sometimes, a poorly functioning drainage system is part of the reason why the previous owner’s family had to move.

When buying a used house, you should pay attention to the sewer line. There’s plenty of room to make the most of the space, so put the drain hose right under the yard. This not only affects feng shui, but also affects the future repair of the drainage pipe.

If your home is located outside a factory, factory or near high-emission factories. You should not buy it because it will directly affect the health of you and your children in the family.

Is the location of the land plot to build a house on and the shape of the plot worth paying attention to?

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It’s better to choose flat land with no high hills around. Especially don’t choose to buy places in front of high mountains ; Because this has a great influence on the overall feng shui of the house.

It is better to choose houses located on plots of land with a square shape. The land plots that bloom later are also the land plots to choose when buying a house.

Observe carefully whether the interior layout is reasonable in terms of feng shui house or not?

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When buying a prefabricated house, buyers need to pay attention to the layout and arrangement of rooms in the house so that it is suitable for feng shui and reasonable. For example, the toilet door must not face the bedroom door, the kitchen door must not face the window, the altar must not be placed right near the toilet, etc.

In addition, the room has a reasonable interior layout, should not be too cramped, it will cause eye pain and affect life. Whether buying an old house or an apartment, we cannot decide where to book a room, but it is important that you carefully research and consider whether it is reasonable or not?

The experience of buying an old house shows that it is necessary to carefully evaluate the quality of the old house

One of the most memorable second-hand home buying experiences is evaluating and verifying the build quality of older homes. A person with no knowledge of the construction industry makes an inaccurate assessment or comment on the quality of the work. But if you ask someone in the industry, they can help you do it.

Buyers need to thoroughly check everything from painted walls to cracks, peeling walls, electrical and plumbing systems, etc., because after careful inspection, we can only assess the value of the house and future repairs will not need too much money.

Experience buying an apartment with installments – financial issues are always very important!

Another experience of buying an old house is the financial problem. In case financial is not enough to buy spacious new houses. Families will be able to choose to buy an apartment on installments or buy an old house. However, there are still old houses with high value and need to be paid in installments.

For this case, the family needs a clear financial plan. You must plan your expenses closely and reasonably within the next few years. This helps to make the installment payment to buy a house always smooth and convenient. And also remember that only 30-50% of the house value should be paid in installments.

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