What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a group house?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying and selling a group home?

The number of group houses in our country at this time is quite large. And they are also one of the outstanding products, attracting a lot of attention in the real estate market.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of being in a group home? Should you buy real estate in the collective areas or not? Let’s find out with News Aequitas Audit in this article.

What is a dormitory?

Collective apartments have appeared for a long time in our country. However, not everyone knows what they are, what features they have different from other types of housing.

Nhà tập thể từng rất phổ biến trên thị trường mua bán bất động sản nước ta
Group houses used to be very popular in our country’s real estate market

Simply put, collective apartments are housing areas divided into many different apartments. That building is owned and managed by the state.

Usually, collective apartments will be allocated to their staff by the state, social organizations, political organizations, companies/factories. From there, support them in the best way in settling down to complete the assigned work.

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Advantages and disadvantages of staying in a dormitory

To understand more about this type, let’s learn about its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a group house

For a long time, collective apartments have been sought and loved by many people. That is thanks to its great advantages below.

Good location, easy to get around

The old apartments were built many years ago. At that time, they kept a beautiful location, often located in busy, central areas. Most of the dormitories are located on the main road, very convenient for transportation.

Chúng có ưu điểm là vị trí tọa lạc đẹp, thuận tiện cho di chuyển
They have the advantage of a beautiful location, convenient for moving

In general, this advantage of collective apartments is highly appreciated. It is not easy to find an apartment with a good price, a beautiful location like a group house at this time. Especially when the land fund is increasingly limited like now.

Affordable price

In general, the price of selling and transferring collective houses is lower than that of new apartments of the same area. As a result, it becomes an option for those who need to save money and can’t afford to buy a new home.

Collective houses will help newcomers save a significant amount of money while still ensuring the quality of life.

Stay at home with no service fee

When staying in an apartment, one of the issues that many people think about is the high service costs. On average, a 70m2 apartment will have to pay about 600 thousand to 1 million VND for service.

This is really a large amount of money, accounting for a large amount of monthly spending. Especially for young households who do not have a stable economy.

Meanwhile, old dormitories do not have service fees. People only have to pay a cleaning fee of about 30,000/month for each apartment.

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The space of the dormitory is very good

In general, dormitories are built with very little density. Number of small apartments, low floors with large corridors. Thanks to this factor, people will have a large and airy living space when living in a group house.

Không gian của những khu nhà tập thể khá thoáng đãng với mật độ xây dựng thấp
The space of the dormitories is quite airy with low construction density

This is considered one of the important factors that make the group home so popular. Very few cheap apartments have large and airy corridors for people to live safely and carefully.

The state has a pretty good compensation policy for everyone when the apartment is withdrawn

In some cases, the landlord will recover the land area used to build the collective apartment. At that time, you can rest assured that you will be compensated a fairly large amount. Enough for your family to resettle in another similar area.

Restrictions when in groups

Below, we will help you go through a few notable limitations of dormitories. Let’s see.

The age of the dormitory is too big

The construction of collective houses for state officials/employees has long stopped. Therefore, this type of housing is very old. All are from 20 to 30 years or more. In particular, there are apartments that have been in use for more than 50 years.

Những căn hộ này đều có tuổi đời rất lớn
These apartments are all very old

With such longevity, it is difficult to avoid the situation of degraded projects. People need to really pay attention to the selection when looking for a group house . Otherwise, people can have many dangerous problems, lose a lot of money to renovate after buying a collective apartment.

In a group home, there are not many facilities

One of the outstanding advantages of apartments is that they have many common facilities. Like elevators, amusement parks, community houses, supermarkets… In a dormitory, you won’t find these facilities.

This is considered a drawback that makes collective apartments not really attractive. People should consider carefully when intending to choose this type of apartment.

When should you buy a group home?

Despite many limitations and old, collective apartments are still chosen and loved by many people. Here are the cases when you should buy an old dormitory apartment.

You need to buy a house in a beautiful location but your economic conditions are not enough

Bạn nên cân nhắc điều kiện kinh tế khi có ý định mua nhà tập thể
You should consider economic conditions when you intend to buy a group house

Obviously, this is one of the great advantages of a dormitory. With an affordable price, you can find an apartment located in a better location than the old apartment of the same price range.

If your economic conditions are limited, you can choose a shared apartment. From there, quickly stabilize their life in convenient traffic and economic areas.

Just know how to search and be patient, you can completely own apartments with many utilities. From there, quickly settled into his life.

There are no elderly or sick people in your family

Most hostels in Vietnam do not have elevators. Meanwhile, the stairs are designed quite long. Therefore, moving and commuting every day will be quite tiring and exhausting.

Với người già, bệnh tật, việc leo cầu thang ở nhà tập thể rất nguy hiểm
For the elderly and sick, climbing stairs in a group home is very dangerous

For young people, small children are okay. But with the elderly, pregnant or sick people, it is different. Viet climbs stairs from the 4th floor upwards every day will cause many difficulties for everyone.

Therefore, you should consider carefully when choosing a collective apartment. Make sure it ensures the best life for your whole family.

Do not require too many utilities from your home

As mentioned, dormitories do not have as many utilities as newly built apartments. Therefore, it is only suitable for those who do not require too many utilities in the house. You should pay attention to this when looking to buy a house.


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Thus, you already have the necessary information about group houses for rent and sale. If you have any doubts about choosing a collective apartment for yourself, please contact us immediately. AequitasAudit.com will help you get the information you need.

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