What documents do you need to buy a house to go smoothly?

What documents do you need to buy a house to facilitate the notarization and close the sale? Not everyone knows what items need to be fully prepared ; Don’t waste time, effort and money in preparing documents. The following article Aequitas Audit will summarize the necessary documents when preparing documents to buy and sell a house .

What documents do you need to buy a house – Definition of real estate purchase and sale documents

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What documents do you need to buy a house and how do you prepare those documents? Purchase and sale documents can be understood as a number of necessary documents such as identity cards ; ID card; A license to practice or a contract of sale, etc.

All of the above documents are called real estate purchase and sale records. In addition to these documents, when buying real estate, you usually have a deposit contract and a receipt ; These are also proof of sale.

Have some questions about buying an apartment, what documents are needed ? Basically, the documents when buying an apartment are the same as buying and selling real estate . What documents do you need when buying and selling a house, buying and selling an apartment will be similar.

Specific answers to the question: What documents do I need to buy a house?

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To answer the question: What documents are needed when buying a house ? Buying and selling a home requires a lot of paperwork to complete a transaction such as:

Identity card including the original and the declaration

Identity card to identify your personal identity and address. Identity card (identity card) means an identity document of a citizen ; certified by a competent police agency about the characteristics and basic information of each citizen within the age prescribed by law. .

To create favorable conditions for the exercise of rights and obligations of citizens. for travel and transportation. As well as the needs of transactions and exchanges performed in the territory of Vietnam.

The household registration book also includes one copy and one original

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This is intended to survey all your family members and find out the number of members in your family.

Thus, based on the above provisions of law, household registration is the legal basis for determining a citizen’s lawful permanent residence.

  • It is a tool that allows the State to manage the residence and life of its citizens.
  • Carry out administrative procedures related to: confirmation, adjustment, supplementation, change of household registration and demographics.
  • Set up administrative procedures related to administrative and civil transactions ; Buying, selling, transferring real estate; marriage registration; make a passport; buy, sell or transfer other goods.
  • Citizens must have household registration books when carrying out administrative procedures related to administrative and civil transactions with administrative order and procedures to complete transaction records in accordance with law. Must present household registration book to prove lawful residence.

What documents do I need to buy a house and is a certificate of marital status necessary?

Currently, in the process of transferring land use rights or granting land use right certificates, to prove property rights ; The relevant state registry still needs to provide marital status – single or unmarried.

If you want to transfer your name on the red book, the co-owner needs to prepare all the above documents ; It is important for the buyer to sign the transfer contract. As for the buyer with two spouses, they must sign or authorize the other person to sign the contract and complete the transaction.

What documents do foreigners need to buy a house ?

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What documents do you need to buy a house if you are a foreigner and what should be noted? Foreigners who own apartments and houses in projects that are allowed to be owned by foreigners must have a valid passport with the stamp of the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Therefore, foreigners are allowed to own apartments, but foreigners cannot use them for a long time; Which has only been used for about 50 years.

What documents are required for a bank loan when buying a house?

If buyers don’t have enough money, they usually have to take out a bank loan. So, what documents are needed to get a bank loan when buying a house ?

When taking a bank loan, the buyer also needs to transfer the following documents: Mortgage loan, photo ID card (original) ; Labor contract, household registration or KT3; And finally a certificate of marital status or marriage registration certificate.

It is advisable to prepare additional records of external income or separate passive income to make it easier for banks to lend.

What kind of tax declaration documents are needed when carrying out the house buying procedure?

Finally, in the process of legalizing the name and waiting for the book, the buyer must bring the purchase and sale documents to the tax office; To pay an amount equal to 0.5% of the total transaction value.

Buyers also need to pay attention when preparing the registration fee declaration carefully to avoid confusion, if wrong, the amount to be paid is relatively large, be careful in tax declaration steps like this.

Notes after preparing all documents and procedures to buy a house

When completing all the paperwork and fulfilling tax obligations, customers should keep all these documents, do not miss anything, including payment receipts, tax receipts as well as receipts. . Avoiding the case of omitting some documents is very complicated and time consuming.

It is important that each type of contract has 2 copies ; Buyers should make 1 more copy as a precaution or send it to the bank for deposit procedures.

The order of procedures when buying a house needs special attention

In addition to being interested in the question of buying a house, what documents are needed? Buyers also need to pay attention to the mandatory procedures to follow. The following are the notes and home buying experience Aequitas Audit summarizes and lists. To help you make the transaction as smooth and convenient as possible.

Check the red book, red book and original papers

You should come to the place to preview and compare the reality ; Real estate valuation with information on the red book ; Check the relative comparison between the drawing and the actual land.

To check whether the red book is real or fake ; The original documents such as ID card, household registration, marriage registration of the seller are real or not . Perhaps you will have difficulty because nowadays counterfeiting is very sophisticated. Need professional testing equipment to detect it.

However, notaries are regularly trained and experienced in the field. Although the level of testing cannot be 100% accurate; But with the expertise and experience of notaries, you can rest assured.

Explore planning and project information

You need to know if the house or land you intend to buy is in the planning or project. When you consult the documents, the red book, whether you have consulted the Notary Office; Not sure if you already know all the information about the real estate you intend to buy is in the planning or not

Your seller or broker may not provide you with complete and truthful information. Even in many cases, the seller himself does not know that his house or land is being planned (due to the planning for too long).

When planning houses and land, the general rule is not to transfer, transfer the name … And therefore of course not to transfer the name of the red book. If there is not enough information, it is easy to sign a notarized contract, complete the payment ; It is time to switch to the procedure to change the name of the red book, only to find out that it is impossible to change the name.

Information about litigation and disputes surrounding the house will cause trouble later on

First of all, it should be noted that: All sales transactions may be prevented or suspended ; Transfer, donation, mortgage… if the house or land is in dispute. Therefore, if the real estate is in dispute, it is possible that the procedures for buying and selling real estate and transferring the name from your red book will also be difficult.

Even when carrying out the procedures for buying and selling real estate, transferring the red book name at a state agency, in case of a dispute, the red book transfer procedure may be stopped and not resolved.

Information about loans – mortgages related to the house’s red book

The land has a red book, you will understand very simply. Just look at Cover 4 (or Cover 3) of the Red Book to see mortgage registration information. As for the red book, they attach a separate sheet with mortgage information, between this sheet and the red book there is a cadastral stamp.

If there is a case where the seller wants to hide mortgage information by peeling off the paper, you will notice that in a corner, a certain edge of the red book, there is only a partial seal.

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