What is Townhouse? – Detailed analysis of this type

What is a townhouse and why is this term so popular lately? It is one of the most popular real estate options today. You can see them everywhere, from the city to the suburbs. However, you may confuse Townhouses with similar types of real estate. Join Aequitas Audit to learn useful knowledge about Townhouse!

What is Townhouse? – The concept of townhouse is the simplest and easiest to understand

What is Townhouse? – This type of real estate was born to solve housing needs

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What is a townhouse and what is its connection to the current real estate market? Recently, we easily come across many terms containing the word townhouse: Modern townhouse ; townhouse 373 saigon , townhouse 50 saigon , townhouse design , …

In fact, housing is the most “necessary” need today. As land resources are decreasing, the population is getting more and more crowded.

On the other hand, the current housing demand does not just stop at the issue of “to live in”; but also for people to buy and sell houses… This is also the reason why our country’s real estate market is always busy and bustling.

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In fact, you may be “stunned” by the many types and hierarchies of real estate available on the market. Condotel, Shoptel, Shophouse… Or townhouse are the most popular types, the most sought after. So what is Townhouse that makes this model so popular?

Definition of the term townhouse then and now

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What does the term townhouse mean when translated into Vietnamese? The term townhouse is translated to mean simply a townhouse in Vietnamese. Townhouse’s origins come from England; where the term refers to a family (usually royal) in town (meaning London).

Historically, a townhouse was the residence of an aristocratic or wealthy family; own one or more houses in the countryside where they live throughout the year. In Europe, most townhouses have a terrace.

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Today, Townhouse is used to describe a wide range of major neighborhoods (not limited to affluent areas) around the world. In other words, Townhouse is not just built on the street; but also built in the suburbs.

And in the current Vietnamese real estate market, what is Townhouse ? Is a type of housing built on large facades along the main road; in densely populated areas or located in well-planned urban areas. Townhouses are considered as decentralized real estate, appearing in many large urban centers across the country.

What is the connection with townhouse apartments?

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Better understand the definition of apartments and condominiums

If you understand what a Townhouse is , it cannot be confused with this type of project with an apartment. Although there are some overlaps among these housing types.

Apartments are usually units in larger buildings with multiple floors and multiple units per floor. They are privately owned but can be rented to others. The apartment is a purely commercial rental unit; owned by a company and individuals with complex rental costs.

Types of apartments and condominiums often focus on a densely populated community. So it is obvious that they will include many internal utilities attached. It could be a swimming pool, a common stadium; parks, convenience stores and many attached services.

The differences of the type of townhouse housing

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Townhouses are multi-storey single-family homes built side by side; use the same exterior wall as the neighbors’ houses. These luxury homes tend to have more space than apartments; and can have its own garage.

One of the advantages of owning a townhouse over an apartment is that it is a private property. And by owning this property, you can make some important decisions about how to renovate and maintain your home.

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If you live in an apartment there are often strict rules about these decisions. And it’s easy to get stuck in a group of owners in the building. You cannot make real decisions about the exterior of the apartment when replacing or moving; Modernize and maintain your own home. On the contrary, Townhouse gives you more freedom without the high cost.

Compare some key features between townhouses and apartment types

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On the other hand, condominiums are a very ideal choice for buyers who don’t mind living with other residents upstairs, downstairs and downstairs. Since apartment buildings are often smaller in size for many single households; so buyers tend to prefer to be in the middle of crowded and bustling areas of the city; such as where there are many doorways. Restaurants, bars, businesses, shops, etc.

However, Townhouse is different, it gives you the feeling of a private house. While you may have neighbors around, you won’t be disturbed by noise or meet as often as neighbors in an apartment.

What is the target audience and target group of townhouse real estate?

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Who will be in the target group that investors of townhouse projects are aiming for?

  • First-time homebuyers: townhouses are a great option for those looking to buy their first home.
  • Those who want to reduce the area of the house: your children are grown and ready to get married? You have a very big house, but they give you a “cold spine”; you feel they are not really necessary. Thus, Townhouse is an optimal choice for you to reduce living area, easier to live in and easier to maintain.
  • Investors: Townhouses can be a great investment property, especially if it is located in a desirable area such as a large urban center or near a university; where it can be easily rented to students (and profitable).
  • Those who are “rich” and are looking for a second home for themselves: Of course, Townhouses are a better choice. You can live in your main house and visit the Townhouse – a second home during long business trips, for example. Or vice versa, you can also buy a townhouse at your favorite resort location and rent it out when you’re not there.

What is the location to choose when deciding to buy a townhouse?

Where you actually see the Townhouse being used is in the Transition Zone. Where there is a transition from urban to suburban; before you actually reach the “desert” land of the suburbs. But you don’t have to be in the city center, where you tend to see more apartments, face more complex social problems.

In general, before deciding to buy a townhouse for living, not for business purposes. You should think carefully about the location of the townhouse. Ask yourself if you really want to get away from the noise of the city for a quieter, more nature-friendly place. Or want to immerse yourself in the busy world, where you can get closer to fun activities, shopping, …

Analyze all the pros and cons of townhouse real estate

The outstanding advantages of the townhouse type of townhouse

– Cost: Because the Townhouse shares a wall with the surrounding neighbors, in general, the Townhouse will have a relatively cheaper cost than the “single” houses in a family in the same building, even though it is built on the same area. equivalent volume. You can have a lot of space near cities, when you only pay for what’s inside the house, not the size of a real family home. It can be a cost effective way to get more of what you want.

Maintenance: The small area of the townhouse means it needs fewer maintenance problems.

Utilities: Townhouses Townhouses are built as part of a development, which may include amenities such as swimming pools or clubs.

Outdoor space: Townhouses often have access to a small outdoor space or backyard and possibly a spacious private garage.

What are the things to consider before deciding to invest in a townhouse?

The townhouse was born from the hands of the project owner. You are only allowed to receive “raw” townhouses and only have the right to decide on the interior design of your house. Criteria can be defined for your future home such as fencing around the yard, painting the exterior of the house, etc.

And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to be told what to do about everything. At that time, a townhouse planned by the project developer may not be for you.

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