What landlords need to know if they want to rent a whole house…

Renting a whole house is now a form of profit that many people choose

Renting a whole house is now a need for many people. Therefore, if you have an idle house, take advantage of this opportunity. However, if you want to know the secret to renting a whole house effectively, then immediately see the information that mogi will share below.

6 things landlords need to know when renting a whole house

Indeed, if you own a home and let it go, it is a great business opportunity. You can use it to rent out the whole house for those in need. And the profit that comes from subleasing this house is of course great. However, if you want to rent out a house effectively, it’s a big problem. And grab a pen and paper and jot down the tips below.

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Renting a whole house is now a form of profit that many people choose

First: Let’s refurbish your house

Renovating your home is one of the first things you have to do. There are no customers who like a house that just walked in and lost their feelings. Looking at clean, neat and spacious houses, they will certainly have a lot more sympathy. And when looking at a house that you like, of course everyone wants to rent it.

So let’s repaint the house, tidy up the furniture to help the house become as airy, neat and clean as possible.

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If you want to rent a house quickly, fix and renovate your house first

Second: Have you determined the rental price yet?

The second thing is quite important and almost determines whether you decide to rent the whole house or not. You have to base on many factors to determine the rental price. For example, you have to determine the location, area, condition of the current house, what advantages does your house have… Then you will determine how the rental price is to match. well suited.

Hint to you that many people are looking for cheap whole house rentals, so you just need to reduce the price a bit to attract tenants. Because when people want to rent cheap houses, there is usually no high economic thing. So you can be more flexible on the price so that both parties are happy and agree on the rental.

In addition, the market today has a multitude of different rental properties, so the competition is no less. If your house has a good location, many advantages, advantages and beautiful house condition plus a relatively soft rental price, there is no reason not to attract customers.

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Determine the right rental rate

Third: Find the right way to advertise

After you have done the above 2 issues, the next thing you need to do is find a way to advertise to every potential audience that you think is potential to know about your rental property. Surely when knowing the house with so many good points, no one can refuse to come to consult. But do you know how to advertise effectively?

  • Advertising through social networks: You can through social networks such as facebook, zalo, instagram, twitter … or any social network that can advertise your house for rent.
  • Next, if your use of social networking sites is not effective, then ask a real estate brokerage center. There they will be responsible for helping you find potential customers for you.

What you need to do is take real photos of the house, choose good angles and give specific information about the house so that people can better know what the house you rent is like.

Fourth: Choose the right customer

The house belongs to you and you have to protect it even though you have rented it out. Not all customers are conscious of protecting and preserving the property in the rental house because it is simply not their property. So choose the most suitable tenant.

Thursday: Conduct transactions carefully

Because you hold the handle, draft the contract carefully to avoid disagreements and subsequent arising problems that are not good for both parties. And also remember to relax a little so that both you and the tenant feel more comfortable when conducting the transaction.

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Conduct house rental transactions carefully and comfortably for the benefit of both parties

Friday: Don’t forget to pay taxes

Because renting a whole house is also a form of business, of course you will inevitably have to pay taxes to the authorities. You should also note that if the house you rent for 1 year is less than VND 100 million, you will not need to pay tax, and if it exceeds this number, do not forget to pay taxes as prescribed.

Above are 6 things that anyone who is planning to rent a house should remember. Hope it will help landlords to rent houses quickly and efficiently.

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