What should you pay attention to when renting a house in Ho Chi Minh alley?

Renting a house in Ho Chi Minh alley to live, is there anything to note? Sure we have. Especially in the current complicated social situation and many houses for rent. So let mogi.vn help you find cheap and quality Ho Chi Minh alley houses!

What should I pay attention to when looking for a house to rent in an alley?

Regardless of whether you want to rent a house in Ho Chi Minh alley or anywhere, you should note the following:

Thuê nhà hẻm ngõ Hồ Chí Minh cần chú ý gì?
What to pay attention to when renting a house in Ho Chi Minh alley?

Note before coming to see the house

Before you come to view a home, make sure the person you’re dealing with is a landlord or a realtor. From there, there are the following notes that mogi gives:

The contact person is the owner

If the contact person is the landlord, you need to determine the basic information such as: address, room rate, electricity and water bill …

The contact person is the broker

If the person you’re contacting is a realtor, you’ll need to look at the home tour fee. Your best advice would be to find another place where the contact is the host. Or best, if you accept to pay the fee, you need to agree clearly, you must rent a new house to pay.

You absolutely must not pay the service fee before renting the house. Or have a clear contract. In the contract, there is a clause that cannot rent a house, the service party will refund the service fee. This helps you avoid the broker refusing to find a home or not giving you a refund.

Cần xác định người liên hệ thuê nhà là chủ nhà hay môi giới
Need to determine if the tenant contact is the owner or broker

Note when coming to see the house

Once you have made contact, what you need to do is to keep the following things in mind when viewing a home:

  • Pay attention to the direction of the house, the location of the windows and the surrounding landscape.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the living space is airy, spacious and comfortable. At least it meets your basic living needs.
  • Check plumbing, electrical…
  • Pay attention to the situation of flooding, congestion and security in this area.
  • Is it convenient for you to move to work, school or not.
  • Make sure to take the time to look at the house at different times to get an overview.

Above are the notes for you when you want to rent a house in Ho Chi Minh alley. Keep this in mind to help you find a good place to stay.

Cần xem xét các vấn đề xung quanh để biết nhà đảm bảo an ninh không
Need to consider the surrounding issues to know if the house is safe?

What should you pay attention to when making a rental contract?

After finding a place to rent a house in Ho Chi Minh alley, you need to pay attention to the contract. The tenancy agreement is quite important so as not to make you disadvantaged later. Therefore, in order to have a clear, mutually beneficial contract, it is necessary to:

Verify the host

To verify the real status of a homeowner, an ID card, home title, property tax slip or copy of the home registration must be requested. In the case of a second homeowner, a contract must be presented with the previous owner. From there, determine if the house is allowed to sublease or not.

Rental cost

You need to clearly define the cost of renting:

  • How much is the rent/month?
  • When to pay rent?
  • What is the minimum lease term?
  • How to pay rent

Rent deposit

You need to ask the landlord if there is a need to pay a deposit to rent the house or not. If lost, how much is the deposit? And how to get the deposit back if you don’t rent anymore.

Other rental expenses

You need to pay attention to other rental costs such as electricity, water, Internet, etc. In addition, there are costs incurred when using the house while living there. Those costs will be borne by whom, and how much. You need to pay attention to check the electricity and water numbers before moving in to make sure the next month’s amount will be calculated correctly.

Cần xem xét kỹ về giá và các chi phí phát sinh khác khi thuê nhà
Need to carefully consider the price and other costs incurred when renting a house

Termination of the tenancy agreement

Household appliances of tenants

What home appliances do you need to pay attention to? How is their usage? It’s best to equip your own household items to avoid trouble later. In addition, the equipment required to be used should be photographed in order to avoid trouble when terminating the rental contract.

Bindings between the two sides

Obligations between the two parties need attention such as whether the landlord allows animals? Can you do any business? Or get friends to stay overnight? What happens if there is a violation? Or how to make a reasonable agreement?

Some other notes

  • Keep 1 contract for each party
  • Do you need a notarized rental agreement?
  • Also, read it carefully to avoid future problems.
After signing the alley house rental contract, please keep one copy for each party

Above are some notes when looking for a place to rent an alley in Ho Chi Minh. Remember yourself to find the right place. Good luck!

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